December 2016

I Ching December 2016

Batten down the hatches … December is here and it is going to be a very interesting time for all of us.

December brings in the Metal Rat, Geng Zi.    So, whatever the Fire Monkey, Bing Shen, is up to…now he has a buddy to back him up.

 I did an I Ching reading on the month of December for our country.   I got hexagram #20, Watching. The upper two lines are moving.  The fifth yao represents the roads and the sixth the water mouth.

 The moving lines are in the outer triagram.  It looks to me like a lot of bad behavior will be taking place at our borders and on roads to this country.  The police and military will have trouble controlling the thieves.

Roads can be air or land and “water mouth” represents entry points, where things move like water.  An example of a water mouth would be an intersection, where traffic converges.  And, of course, a bay or delta is a water mouth, as is an airport.

With the flying snake also at Yao 5, it behooves us to watch our airports carefully.

If you must travel in and/or out of the country, be especially aware and alert.

Being aware of your surroundings is a useful skill for anyone.   Nowadays it’s essential.