One More Month

Rooster year doesn’t start for Feng Shui purposes until February 4th.  How’s that for weird?

That’s when the energy of your space will change, but in the meantime, we still have another month of the crazy Yang Fire Monkey Year to deal with.   That’s right…more monkey.   And, he’s still playing with fire.

Well, on January 5th the monthly energy changes from the Yang Metal Rat to the Yin Metal Ox.  I like the Ox myself.   He usually brings me money.  Let’s hope the Ox can calm down the flaming, troublemaker of a Monkey!

In January the monthly stars should not be causing so many problems as they did/will in December.  They will have to be watched a bit though.

If your door is in the North, make sure that door doesn’t smack you in the face!  The 7 and 5 combination can cause mouth problems.  When you consider the monkey year…things could get a bit exciting.

Don’t make decisions about money in the Northeast.  The monthly and yearly stars here combine for money problems.

If your kitchen is in the East, be especially careful of burns.

Southeast can bring health, wealth and sibling troubles.  Why not just leave it at health and wealth? There’s the catch.  In Feng Shui we are constantly saying, “It all depends.”  And, it does.  Landforms can change what looks like a bad area into a good one or what looks good into a not so good area.  So can the pathways inside your home!  The whole picture has to be taken into consideration.

Nothing is ever as simple as just numbers, and nothing is static.   It’s good to be alerted to possible problems though!

Sometimes you can dodge that pothole if you know it’s there before you turn the corner.

Feng Shui This | Fire Monkey!

Fire Monkey Year

Fire Monkey Year


What do you think of when you hear “Fire Monkey”?  Well, I’m a little wary of this guy because monkeys are not who we’d like to see in charge of the matches, right?
Fire controls metal…and shapes it.  Well, the monkey is Shen Metal, so Fire on Metal is in conflict.   In a year in conflict with itself, we’ll need a bridge of earth to ease it.  So, expect earth related industries to benefit from the Fire Monkey, and metal industries to benefit from the enriched earth.
In Feng Shui we will be experiencing more powerful earth stars as well, with the Fire Monkey putting his energy toward earth.  So, if you have a 8 water star at your door, you will benefit.  If you have a 5 water star at  your door, you need to be sure to have gentle chimes nearby to ease the earth energy toward metal.
Fire Monkey year begins for most of us on February 4th.  So, what can the world expect in the coming year? For the USA we can expect true change.  1776 was also a Fire Monkey year (Bing Shen).  Revolution and a new beginning marked the year.
Although the Constitution hangs by a thread, this year will bring us back to our roots, with a swing toward taking care of business at home.  Budgets will be cut and government will go back to basics.  (in so much as is possible in 2016)
People all over the world will fight for what they think is due them, no matter the cost to others, until the fire and metal clash in the streets.
I would also expect more volcanoes to erupt than usual, and more treasures to be unearthed as fire feeds the earth and it gives up  its gold.  Could it also portend more earthquakes?  It would make sense.  We’ll see.  It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.
The last Fire Monkey year was 1956; things are more complicated now, but the energies still do the same as always.
And, the world goes round and round.