Measuring Life

How do we measure our lives?

I look at mine in 20 year spans.  My first 20 years was spent growing into an adult.  The second raising a family, and the third was spent in a constant work/learn/take your beatin’ mode.  Now I have begun my fourth 20 year span.  How will I spend these life minutes?

Well, for one thing I will do my best to not repeat the errors of the past.  Some of those will be hard to put behind me, but that’s my goal.   I will not be beating myself up anymore over the mistakes I have made.  The past does not have to ruin the future.

It’s time to reset myself, and although it seems a bit drastic,  I will not be seeking any new residential Feng Shui clients, and wherever possible, I will refer any new client requests to others.   So what will I be doing?

Like many people I have a desire to enjoy my life as well as contribute to society.   So this next 20 years I want to see more of this amazing country with my children and grandchildren.  It’s a beautiful world and we live in a country that holds a bit of everything; glaciers, deserts, mountains, prairies, rain forest…all of it.   Heck, we might even find Bigfoot while we’re out stomping around!

I will be concentrating on using the IChing to pick stocks and predict hurricane landfalls.  I’ll pick stocks to fund those amazing adventures and I’ll find a way to use the IChing to help those in hurricane prone areas to better predict and prepare for the storms.

I will also still take on commercial Feng Shui clients.

It looks to be a very interesting 20 year span.






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