Feng Shui This | Pig Month


Monkey smacks Pig—Pig eats Monkey

Now that the election is over, we get to contend with the Pig in a Monkey year!   (and you were hoping it was over)  These guys are both acting up in November.   The pig wallows in his own filth…the monkey throws his!  So what’s a goat like me to do?  Head for high ground, of course!   And, while they’re slinging poo…lets look at the Feng Shui for this month.  First, I will remind you that these are only the monthly and yearly stars.  Your house has its own chart and any of these will be interacting with that chart as well.
This month the yearly stars are duplicated by the month, making things a bit more intense.
Starting in the North:
7-7:  Protect this sector from theft.  The 7 likes to take what isn’t hers.
5-5: Earth palace, so strong here.  The sound of metal, a chiming clock will keep this star out of trouble.

9-9: She’s active, lively and can burn the house down if you don’t watch her.  Be careful of open flames here.  East is the thunder palace…wood. 


1-1: Also in a wood palace.  I’d do my thinking and studying here.

6-6:  Fire palace hurts the 6.  Be careful of the health of the head of the household.  If he says he’s sick, believe him, no matter how big a baby he may be.

8-8: This earth palace will get along great with the 8’s.  Make some money here.


4-4:  This palace is metal and a hostile environment for these guys.  Adding something black and wavy should bridge the metal and wood.  


3-3:  Want to plan a new business?  Here’s where to start.   Just be sure you visit the Southwest first and bring in some of the ruling 8 energy.  Otherwise, you may have legal trouble and/or robbery!

Enjoy this beautiful month.  No matter what seems to be happening in the world, rejoice and  count your blessings.  If we remember that each day is a gift, we’ll always look forward to tomorrow.  
And remember…if you have any Feng Shui questions, just ask!

I Ching This | Hillary?

Will Hillary be next President?

This reading was done in August.  It is read for Election Day.

The text shows Hindrance moving to Proceeding Forward.  Sounds good for her, right?  Here’s why it’s not:

Subject is Hillary and vanishing according to the month of August.  This carries over.  In my experience “vanishing” means exactly that.  How will she vanish?

Well, we know she has been taking time off from campaigning…disappearing for days before debates…canceling events.  Is this all it means?  Could this be what is showing up here?

Subject is attacked by the year.  Shen attacks Mao but Mao is generated by the month Hai/water.  The Parents line at Yao 1, Wei combines with the month for Wei/Hai/Mao generating Mao, the Subject.  Is it enough?   I don’t think so because the 8th is a fire day.  Wu fire will be generated by the Subject.  Wu represents Officer/ghost, the law.  She’s fueling the fire herself.

Let’s look at the Object in question…the office of President.

It is void and weak in August.  In Hai month (November) it is still weak, but even though weak, it’s still there.  The Tortoise represents depression.

Yao 5, Shen metal, Brothers line, moving and strong, also at the year.  It’s generated by earth, so when Xu comes out of void, the office of President will help generate Shen, the Brothers line.     Brothers rob you and here the Brothers line here attacks the Subject, Hillary.  Since it is also at the Gua Shen it also indicates betrayal.  It moves to generate back, so these Brothers are strong…and they change to Wei, which is the Parents line.  (documents, contracts, emails…)  When this reading was done in August, the rest of this mess with Emails and other documents had not yet been released.

The release of these documents is controlling her opportunity and joy.  (obviously)

Yao 2, Officer/Ghost is clashed on Election Day by the Hai/Pig month, but both are involved in a fire combination with the Object Xu.  So, the office of President is deeply involved with the investigations/lawsuits.

The Wei-Si-Wu directional combination is strong because the Brothers line moves to Wei.  This combination strongly suggests lawsuit and imprisonment.  Snake at Officer/ghost is imprisonment, Snake at Bird is lawsuit/charges.

Earth is generated in the reading.  Earth is represented by Parents line.  The Subject (Mao wood) would normally try to control the earth, except Mao is vanishing and what’s left is feeding the extremely strong fire in the Wei-Wu-Si directional combination.  Election day is a Wu fire day, that’s not helping her a bit.

Hillary is controlled.

My bottom line?

She loses big, is betrayed by President Obama, as well as her aides and associates, and after charges are brought, she is tried and goes to prison.




Feng Shui This | Feng Shui or Fraud?



What Holly’s shoveling is much more honest than what’s being shoveled in China lately.
Every now and then, the conversation turns to some strange activity that’s being associated with Feng Shui.  Years ago Master Yu warned us of what is now China’s latest “fad”.  Not Sheng Qi…but Sheng Ji.  So close that it seems even the name is meant to confuse and defraud.  Fraud is the key here.
This technique for bringing money involves taking fingernail clippings and burying them (with a ritual of course) in order to have the good energy of the land absorbed by the clippings, and transferred to the client.  Kind of like, “I can’t go to Harvard, but I can send my fingernails and then I’ll get smart!”
Yes, I’m mocking this practice.   It’s the kind of thing that brings back the days when hawkers sold snake oil from the backs of trucks.  People would buy a concoction of snake oil, alcohol, and a few herbs, after being told that it would cure whatever was wrong with them.  Of course, the “store” drove off in the night, leaving customers with a bottle of flavored alcohol.  Ok, maybe they did feel cured for a bit.  But after the buzz wore off they began to realize that they were duped and their money was long gone.
Now, we have supposed Feng Shui Masters burying fingernails and making thousands of dollars doing it.  What’s going to happen when the owners of these nail parings figure out they’ve been hornswoggled?  Well, many will never say a word because admitting you paid someone $10,000 to bury your fingernails would make you look stupid, wouldn’t it?  Although some of these clients have their photos showing up on their “Feng Shui Master’s” Facebook pages, so they’re even less likely to complain.
Others will complain and be told that it was their karma or their choices that cursed the ritual burying of their fingernails, and of course, that was not the Feng Shui Master’s fault, so there will be no refund.  I’m betting there is a form they have people sign that explains all this…and of course, people will sign it.  I call it a CYFSMA clause.  Yes…that’s “Cover Your Feng Shui Masters Ass”.
So, what can you do when you see this happening?  Well, all we can do is warn people…and then expect many to do it anyway.
There really are many ways to a good life.  Remember there’s Heaven Luck, Earth Luck, and Man Luck.  Most of us are not destined to have great wealth.  Most of those on this planet do not have the freedom we have here in the USA.  And, most of the world’s population has no idea what Feng Shui is.  Feng Shui can help us achieve our full potential.   It cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.   But, I want to be the best I can be, and that includes using every advantage I can.   Nothing more complicated than that.
However, there’s no reason anyone should ever pay $10,000.00 to bury their fingernails.  Heck, you can bury a whole body for less than that!

Feng Shui This | Who Will Help Me Grind the Wheat?


Once upon a time, there was a little red hen who lived on a farm . Her family included a lazy dog , a sleepy cat, a silly yellow duck and a slithery snake.
One day the little red hen  found some wheat seeds  on the ground.

The little red hen had an idea. She would plant the seeds .

The little red hen  asked her family, “Who will help me plant the seeds ?”

“Not I,” barked the lazy dog .
“Not I,” purred the sleepy cat .
“Not I,” quacked the silly yellow duck .

“Screw you.” said the slithery snake.

“Then I will,” said the little red hen . So the little red hen  planted the seeds all by herself.

When the seeds  had grown, the little red hen asked her family, “Who will help me cut the wheat ?”

“Not I,” barked the lazy dog .
“Not I,” purred the sleepy cat .
“Not I,” quacked the silly yellow duck .

“Screw you.” said the slithery snake.

“Then I will,” said the little red hen . So the little red hen cut the wheat  all by herself.

When all the wheat  was cut, the little red hen asked her family, “Who will help me take the wheat  to the mill  to be ground into flour ?”

“Not I,” said the lazy dog .
“Not I,” purred the sleepy cat .
“Not I,” quacked the silly yellow duck .

“Screw you.” said the slithery snake.

“Then I will,” said the little red hen . So the little red hen  brought the wheat  to the mill  all by herself, ground the wheat  into flour, and carried the heavy sack  of flour  back to the farm .

The tired little red hen asked her family, “Who will help me bake  the bread ?”

“Not I,” barked the lazy dog .
“Not I,” purred the sleepy cat .
“Not I,” quacked the silly yellow duck .

“Screw you.” said the slithery snake.

“Then I will,” said the little red hen . So the little red hen  baked  the bread  all by herself.

When the bread  was finished, the tired little red hen asked her family, “Who will help me eat  the bread ?”

“I will,” barked the lazy dog .
“I will,” purred the sleepy cat .
“I will,” quacked the silly yellow duck .

“It’s mine!” said the slithery snake.

“No!” said the little red hen . “I will eat the bread.”  and the little red hen ate the bread all by herself.

Moral of the story?

It may take a while, but eventually the little red hen will stand up for herself, and when she does…it will be awesome.

Feng Shui This | July is for Revolutions

Looking back at the history of this country is a passion of mine.  I like to connect the dots and see how time and space work together to influence people, and trigger world events.  When I look at July of  1776, I can’t help but see history repeating itself once again.

Old Glory

July of 1776 was also a wood goat month in a fire monkey year.    Every 60 years this combination shows up.  What seems to happen is that people get fed up with feeling abused and begin to formally revolt.  The signs may have been there the year before, but it seems that the Bing Shen years put a seal on the revolution and make it official.

1776–The Declaration of Independence signaled the founding of a new country and although the Revolutionary War had begun the year before, this declaration made it clear that this land would become a new country, and separate from England.   The war would last until 1783.

It was period 5 and the fight was against the tyranny of King George, Emperor energy.

There have only been three other Bing Shen years since the American Revolution.

1836– The Texas Revolution began in 1835 when Santa Anna appointed himself dictator and began his attempt to disarm the settlers.  At the Convention of 1836 there was a formal vote for independence.

This happened in period 8 against Santa Anna…a young man, represented by the 8.  Power went to his head and he was quick to abuse it.

1896—The Philippine Revolution to liberate the Philippines from the rule of Spain.

Period 2 is mother energy.  Spain had ruled the Philippines for 300 years.  You could say that this was truly a revolt against the “Mother Country”.

1956—Hungarian Revolution against the tyranny imposed by Communist Russia.    Thousands were killed.

Also that year, Egypt  claimed the Suez Canal for itself, blocking others from using it. Soon afterward, France and Great Britain joined Israel to recapture the canal and insure international access to international waters. (basically a revolution against the overstep of power by the Egyptian government)

This was in period 5, more Emperor energy being misused by tyrants and ultimately defied by revolutionaries.

So, what will 2016 bring us?  We’re in the 8th period, so we have to consider the youngest son energy.   Is the youngest son “too big for his britches”?  Has power gone to his head like it did with Santa Anna?   Would he appoint himself dictator?

Although it won’t be pretty, it is encouraging that all over the world, people are standing up for freedom and liberty.  How long the fight will take is anyone’s guess.  But, there are lessons to be learned from history.

What have we learned?


Feng Shui This | June is for Horses

IMG_7761Welcome to June!  With just a few adaptations, we can make the best of this horse month.
The Southwest is hosting the 4 monthly star (wood energy) and it is an irritant to the annual 8 (earth energy).  A red rug fire bridge will connect the two, bringing prosperity instead of aggravation.  Simple enough, right?
If your office is in the east, try not to make any major decisions there.  The 5 monthly star and the 9 yearly star can make clear thinking difficult.
This month will be interesting.  Words can become “flame throwers”, loaded with the fire of the horse. So, be sure you make yourself clear when you communicate.  Even then, people will be easily incited to overreact.
The yearly monkey is quick to react to what he perceives as attack.  With all this fire, he’ll be wearing his heart on his sleeve…along with a chip…daring someone to insult his honor. It won’t take much to blow a little misunderstanding into a full scale tantrum.
But, consider that the horse is without guile.  He says what he thinks, without thinking about how it may be misinterpreted. This kind of innocence is a rare gift.  But it can make life extremely difficult.
So, make sure what you heard is what was meant and think before you speak…knowing the odds are high that there will be misunderstanding.  Be a calm place in this wild month and while the world goes a bit crazy you can watch, ponder, and learn.

Feng Shui This | Fire at Rabbit Hash General Store

The Rabbit Hash General Store was built in the 8th period, 1831. This was only 32 years after the death of George Washington.   The state of Kentucky was still frontier and it hadn’t been long since the last Indian attack.   The store sat near the Ohio River, just downstream from Cincinnati, on the Kentucky side.
Saturday, February 13th, 2016, that little store burned to the ground.  It was a terrible loss to the entire community.  So far as what has been reported, it seems to be unexplained at this time.   Lets look at the Feng Shui and see if it gives us a clue.
First, check out the location:
Rabbit Hash General Store
The Ohio River is flowing South, bringing this year the annual 5 (disaster) to the 7-9 (fire) and 4-3 (wood), as well as the 3-4 (wood) combinations.  Looks like fire burning wood disaster to me.
Rabbit Hash General Store chart
The stars in the triangle (facing 5 mountain, 5 base, 8 water) are always there for this building.  The tiny little ones at the bottom are the yearly, monthly and daily stars.  They change with every year, month and day.
Notice how they are all duplicated.  On the 13th of February, 2016, at this store, any tendency in the yearly combinations will be enhanced.
The 9-7 combination is FIRE.  There are two.  One at the water in the Ohio River, making it very strong…and one is at the water mouth where the roads to the town converge, turning north or south.  Look at the chart below and you’ll see the 7 water star is met by the 9 yearly, monthly and daily stars.  Apparently a very successful fire combination.
Whenever there is a fire at a very important building, and this one was historic, we look for the Feng Shui ties. This place has a ton.
Does your house have the same chart?  Many do…but does it have the same configuration of roads and rivers?  It’s not likely.  I’m going to speculate that the Feng Shui of this place had 70% to do with its burning down.  The other 30% was man-luck.  Someone either got careless recently, or was careless years ago and the result took a while to show up.  Whatever the ratio, it took both to burn it down…man luck and earth luck…people and Feng Shui.
They say they will rebuild.  In the current 8th period they will have a great chart again…except for this year, (I’d watch out for October 10, 19 and 28th) and in 9 years they’ll have the same configuration of stars, so I would advise them to be very watchful in 2023.
It’s good to know your Feng Shui so you know the possibilities.


Feng Shui This | Putting Back Some Seed

There’s Heaven Luck, Earth Luck, and Man Luck.   Heaven Luck is what we land on the planet with…including our location.  Earth Luck is what that location offers us as far as Feng Shui.  And, Man Luck is what we do with what we have.
Save Back Some Seed

                           Save Some Seed

“Don’t forget to put back some seed, honey.”
Granny Hendricks
Back when my grandmother was alive, she would remind us often to “put back some seed”.  I always thought it was because she was cheap and didn’t want to spend good money buying seed for the spring garden when all she had to do was save some out of this years crop.  But, it was so much more than that.  Granny was using “Man Luck”.
A farmer has to have seed if he expects to plant a crop. Years ago you couldn’t go to the local Walmart and buy garden seeds.  You had to harvest  your own, or trade a neighbor for them.  Granny would pick a plant that had the best qualities for next year’s crop.  She’d dry the seeds carefully, even remembering to put them in the freezer for a bit to simulate an outdoor winter.  Her gardens were prolific, and beautiful.
Failing to save some seed; not keeping something in reserve, will bring a farmer and his family to ruin.   No matter how hard you work, if you fail to plan for the future, you will not thrive, and it’s very likely that you will fail miserably.
This is Man Luck.  Hard work, good planning, and being alert to circumstances.
Our government could learn a lot from Granny.  Instead of spending all we have and more, we need to “put back some seed” for the future of the nation; pay down our enormous debt, invest in this country, and bring the USA back to being productive.
Does this mean we can’t give to others?  Of course not.  But remember the pre-flight lectures we all get when we fly?
“In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, the oxygen masks will drop down.  Put the oxygen mask on  yourself first, before putting it on those under your care.”
It’s time to step back and put the oxygen mask on those who are tasked with the care of others.  This country is getting weak, and being drained further by debt and yes—bad leadership.   It’s time to rebuild our resources, strengthen our core, and get ourselves in better shape.  The world needs a strong USA, and we won’t get stronger if we stay on the current path.
This is also known as, “Economics 101”.

Feng Shui This | Killing Bruce Jenner

What’s 4 Pillars Astrology got to say about Bruce?
Seems we can’t turn around anymore without being face to face with Bruce Jenner’s amazing makeover. The question has been asked…”What about his 4 Pillars Astrology chart?  Does it show he was born a girl in a boy’s body?”

The simple truth is that it does not show him being born a girl in a boy’s body.  It does show that he can easily be dominated by women, and terribly confused.  He just doesn’t know what’s true and what’s not.

His Daymaster (self) is generated by Resource, but too much Resource can become overpowering,   Right now, he’s in a 10 year cycle of Wu Chen, strong earth, and it’s become a burden, giving Bruce the need to either use it, or be swallowed up by it.

When he had lots of Output in his chart (Ren Zi in 1972 in the Ren Shen 10 year cycle) he was able to channel Resource through his Daymaster to Output. Now there is only a tiny bit of Output left in his birth chart, and no extra in this or last year’s yearly energies.

The other notable problem in Bruce’s chart is the lack of Power.  There’s only a tiny bit of fire in his month branch to ease the tension between the abundant wood and earth.  Does this show tension between the male and female?   He enters into a new luck period in 2016, Ding Mao, Yin Fire and Yin Wood.  The touch of Fire may bring him a little more power, but will it help him?

Last year, 2014, the Horse brought both Wealth, and Power to Bruce.  The Wealth in Jia Wood was transferred via the Yearly Horse, Wu Fire, to generate even more Resource, completely smothering his true self.

Bruce Jenner has decided to join the other team.  Bruce is giving up, giving in, and destroying himself In his search for relief.  Instead of producing gold medals, he decides to change his body into what should be his opposite. He has decided he wants to be like those whose energy is the most familiar; the Resource that has generated, covered, smothered and controlled him all these years, has finally taken over.
Bruce Jenner wants to be a girl.

But, will surgery make him a woman?  Not in my opinion, it doesn’t.  His DNA has not changed, and it won’t change, no matter how many “adjustments” they make to his body.  Neither has his birth chart.  He was born a male, and that will not change.
What would have happened if Bruce had decided to raise his testosterone levels?  We’ll never know. But it would have certainly made more sense to start working with the male equipment he has, than to build a fake female from scratch.  No matter how feminine the man looks, he’s still a man.

Suicide rates are extremely high for people who have sex change surgery.  And, there are many surgeons “reversing” the procedure, so apparently it’s a money-maker no matter what direction they go.
I hope he finds happiness, but the odds are against it and I find it all terribly sad.
Graphic produced by Danny Van den Berg’s “Four Pillars and Feng Shui” program.

Know Your Stars | #3 Eldest Son

Yes, here he is…the Eldest Son…heir to the kingdom!  He’s a great adventurer, loves building new businesses and wants to change the world.  Because he’s so aggressive, he can trigger lawsuits as well as robberies.  But, if you stay on his good side, he’ll help you sell your product and build your business.  Giving him an outlet with fire can send that salesman to work!  If  your 3 meets an 8 it can be very hard on children, add some fire though and the 8 will blossom.  You just need to bridge the energies.

#3 Star --- Eldest Son

#3 Star — Eldest Son