Investing with IChing

A few months ago I had the idea to use the IChing to check the corporate offices of companies that I would consider investing in.   When I do a Feng Shui consultation I often go to the IChing before the visit.  This way I can get an idea what to expect before I arrive at the location.

The IChing reading will tell me if the house is controlled by the people or if the people control the house.  It will tell me if it’s a money pit and often I can see how to fix the problems before I even arrive at the door.  It’s a marvelous tool.

  • When I used the I Ching to check on a mining company, I asked, “What is the Feng Shui of the Corporate Office of Heckla Mining Company?”  The resulting hexagram showed wealth generated.  The reading was done in August 2015.

Then in November I asked specifically about the stock.  This reading showed wealth at Chen/earth.  Earth is fed and generated by fire.    We’re now in a Fire Monkey year.  Fire and Metal are at the year.  Earth bridges the two.

In August, Heckla stock was $1.68.   In November 2015 it was around $1.90.   Near the end of this Fire Monkey year (2016 to Feb 4, 2017) the stock is at $5.83.  Quite the return, wouldn’t you say?

I love this stuff!

December 2016

I Ching December 2016

Batten down the hatches … December is here and it is going to be a very interesting time for all of us.

December brings in the Metal Rat, Geng Zi.    So, whatever the Fire Monkey, Bing Shen, is up to…now he has a buddy to back him up.

 I did an I Ching reading on the month of December for our country.   I got hexagram #20, Watching. The upper two lines are moving.  The fifth yao represents the roads and the sixth the water mouth.

 The moving lines are in the outer triagram.  It looks to me like a lot of bad behavior will be taking place at our borders and on roads to this country.  The police and military will have trouble controlling the thieves.

Roads can be air or land and “water mouth” represents entry points, where things move like water.  An example of a water mouth would be an intersection, where traffic converges.  And, of course, a bay or delta is a water mouth, as is an airport.

With the flying snake also at Yao 5, it behooves us to watch our airports carefully.

If you must travel in and/or out of the country, be especially aware and alert.

Being aware of your surroundings is a useful skill for anyone.   Nowadays it’s essential.

I Ching This | Trump?

Donald Trump Presidency?

Donald Trump Presidency?

Will Donald Trump be our next President?

Reading was done in September.

The text shows #28–Great Exceeding with no moving lines.

Subject is Trump, Yao 4, Parents Line Hai with a “dead” Wu Offspring (at the time of the reading) hiding beneath it.  In November, Wu Fire is at Vanishing.  Flying Spirit controls Hiding Spirit…not good!  Offspring represents “good public servants”.  But, in November we also have Wei and Hai joining with the Gua Shen Mao for a strong wood combination in the chart and month.  Wood will feed the Wu Fire.  This may save him from disaster.

Election day is Wu, same as Hiding Offspring.  It won’t be dead on Wu day.  And, it will be fed by the combination Wei Hai Mao.

He’s at the Dragon…a sign that he’s basically a good man.

Bird at Yao 5 is at Officer/ghost, meaning lawsuits.  Yao 5 is generating the Parents line, controlling hidden Offspring.

Tortoise is at Yao 3, on the other side of the Subject and also at Officer/ghost.  Tortoise is depressed and also a bit of a thief.  So Trump’s money may be at risk.

This reading is a bit disturbing.  The Gua Shen is not in the Hexagram, which makes it a little unsettled.  Hard to interpret.  On the one hand, it looks like a landslide win, but on the other, it looks like trouble for Trump.

I Ching This | Hillary?

Will Hillary be next President?

This reading was done in August.  It is read for Election Day.

The text shows Hindrance moving to Proceeding Forward.  Sounds good for her, right?  Here’s why it’s not:

Subject is Hillary and vanishing according to the month of August.  This carries over.  In my experience “vanishing” means exactly that.  How will she vanish?

Well, we know she has been taking time off from campaigning…disappearing for days before debates…canceling events.  Is this all it means?  Could this be what is showing up here?

Subject is attacked by the year.  Shen attacks Mao but Mao is generated by the month Hai/water.  The Parents line at Yao 1, Wei combines with the month for Wei/Hai/Mao generating Mao, the Subject.  Is it enough?   I don’t think so because the 8th is a fire day.  Wu fire will be generated by the Subject.  Wu represents Officer/ghost, the law.  She’s fueling the fire herself.

Let’s look at the Object in question…the office of President.

It is void and weak in August.  In Hai month (November) it is still weak, but even though weak, it’s still there.  The Tortoise represents depression.

Yao 5, Shen metal, Brothers line, moving and strong, also at the year.  It’s generated by earth, so when Xu comes out of void, the office of President will help generate Shen, the Brothers line.     Brothers rob you and here the Brothers line here attacks the Subject, Hillary.  Since it is also at the Gua Shen it also indicates betrayal.  It moves to generate back, so these Brothers are strong…and they change to Wei, which is the Parents line.  (documents, contracts, emails…)  When this reading was done in August, the rest of this mess with Emails and other documents had not yet been released.

The release of these documents is controlling her opportunity and joy.  (obviously)

Yao 2, Officer/Ghost is clashed on Election Day by the Hai/Pig month, but both are involved in a fire combination with the Object Xu.  So, the office of President is deeply involved with the investigations/lawsuits.

The Wei-Si-Wu directional combination is strong because the Brothers line moves to Wei.  This combination strongly suggests lawsuit and imprisonment.  Snake at Officer/ghost is imprisonment, Snake at Bird is lawsuit/charges.

Earth is generated in the reading.  Earth is represented by Parents line.  The Subject (Mao wood) would normally try to control the earth, except Mao is vanishing and what’s left is feeding the extremely strong fire in the Wei-Wu-Si directional combination.  Election day is a Wu fire day, that’s not helping her a bit.

Hillary is controlled.

My bottom line?

She loses big, is betrayed by President Obama, as well as her aides and associates, and after charges are brought, she is tried and goes to prison.




Feng Shui This | Do You Speak Feng Shui?

“Merely symbolic” is a term tossed around a lot, but we need to realize that symbols are a language.  They tell us stories, and they make us think.  They can tie us to our history, remind us of our path and help us to focus our energy.

American Flag

American Flag

When we look at the flag of our country we salute those who helped make this country great, and remember those who formed it.  The Stars and Stripes convey a message.

When we look at religious symbols we’re reminded of God and the path back to Him.   Those symbols tell others who we worship, what our religion holds dear, and identify us to the world.



But, what of Feng Shui Symbols?  What kind of language do they speak?  And, who are they speaking to?   cropped-logo-500.jpg

I use the Flying Star method of Feng Shui. In this method we recognize that there are energies (also known as stars) coming from 8 directions.  Personally, I like to think of the stars as angels.  Each has a different skill, and a different personality. Some need extra attention, and others not so much. They support us according to their idea of what we want and need. Sometimes their ideas of what we need don’t match ours and things get a bit messy. So, it’s important to speak the language so we can let them know what it is we want and need.

If you want to encourage a star that has a wood personality, you give it what wood would like…water.  If you want to encourage a star with an earth personality, you give it something red, representing fire.   This is the language of the stars.

When we look at Feng Shui symbols, often we see things like the Money Toad.  He’s a cute little guy, with a grumpy face, sitting on a pile of coins and catching another in his mouth.  These are considered to be superstition by many, but when you think about it, they’re just another form of language.

Proverbial Money Toad

What does the Money Toad make you think of ?   It probably makes you think of making money!  That’s all it needs to do.  And, if it’s making you think of making money, it may also be saying the same to the entities that pay attention to such things.   If he makes you smile and makes you think of making money, he’s done enough.  But, if you want to make money with the energy a specific star can bring, maybe he should be sitting in that sector.

Layers…lots of layers in Feng Shui.  The deeper we dig…the more answers and mysteries we find.   Isn’t this fun?

Feng Shui This | TC Hudhud

I did an IChing reading this morning on TC 3 (Tropical Cyclone 3)—headed toward India.









The question was, “India and Hudhud?”  I wanted to know if it would hit, where it would hit, and at what strength Hudhud would be when it hits.

Beginning hexagram is wind on marsh, moving to water on marsh.

Since Zi is also at the day, I would expect it to be grow today.

Moving OG is attacking Subject, and moving to overwhelm it with water, adding water to already wet land.

Saturday, October 11, is a Mao day, combining with Wei, I expect the eye of the storm to hit on that day.

The wind will be on land.

Moving line OG moves at the water mouth to become a Brothers line, feeding itself.  So, India will be impacted by winds and rain.


TC 3

Above is the direction and force expected earlier, when it was TC 3.


Here’s the revised prediction by the weather bureau, showing it getting stronger, but still in the same general direction.

predicted hit


I expect it to be south of their estimate.  I believe the most northern is the most likely spot for the eye to land.

At any rate, it will be a devastating storm, bringing heavy winds and flooding rains, with the rains beginning on the 9th, and a landing on the 11th.

We’ll check back next week and see how it all plays out.  God bless to those in the path of TC Hudhud. I’d be heading for high ground soon.


Their Landing Zone is trending south.

Their Landing Zone is trending south.


Feng Shui This | Hurricane Cristobal




Nothing exciting here.

27th at201404_5day (1) at201404 at201404_5day at201404_cumwind


Hello All!  It’s hurricane time again.  Lets see if we can figure out where this one is going.

National Hurricane Center image for Cristobal

National Hurricane Center image for Cristobal

The reading is below.

Question: TS Cristobal?  Hit the coast?  Where? Speed?


By the way…you can do this too with Master Yu’s Professional YiJing classes, and Danny Van de Bergh’s Four Pillars Astrology program.  Now lets see if I can figure out what the IChing is trying to tell us!


Hour: Bing Wu (Yang Fire Horse)

Day: Ding Mao (Yin Fire Rabbit)

Month: Ren Shen (Yang Water Monkey)

Year: Jia Wu (Yang Wood Horse)


Voids: Xu / Dog  Hai / Pig


_______  Off  Xu / Dog(*4)  *Az. Dragon*

_______  Wea  Shen / Monkey(4)  *Bl. Tortoise*

_______  Bro  Wu / Horse(7)  *Wh. Tiger*

___ ___  Bro  Wu / Horse(7)  *Fl. Snake*

_______  Off  Chen / Dragon(*4)  *Qi Lin*

___ ___  Par  Yin / Tiger(10)  *Cr. Bird


There are no moving lines.   NOAA is saying it will stay well off the coast.

Officer/Ghost is hiding under Yao 3, a Brothers line.  This means the Ghost will break out.  All of a sudden this storm will grow and become more formidable.

Subject is earth and Object is heaven.  Heaven is a Parents line, but it is totally vanished at the month, however it is strong at the day.  So, we can’t discount it totally, but I take this to mean the rain on land will be short lived…meaning islands only.   The Parents line is also clashed with the month.

From these things, I would say that the forecasters are correct.  The storm will not strike the east coast of the US.

It will head toward Jacksonville, Florida.  When it turns (far from there) it will most likely will cross over Bermuda.

I do not see this storm being a history maker.

Lets see what happens.