Measuring Life

How do we measure our lives?

I look at mine in 20 year spans.  My first 20 years was spent growing into an adult.  The second raising a family, and the third was spent in a constant work/learn/take your beatin’ mode.  Now I have begun my fourth 20 year span.  How will I spend these life minutes?

Well, for one thing I will do my best to not repeat the errors of the past.  Some of those will be hard to put behind me, but that’s my goal.   I will not be beating myself up anymore over the mistakes I have made.  The past does not have to ruin the future.

It’s time to reset myself, and although it seems a bit drastic,  I will not be seeking any new residential Feng Shui clients, and wherever possible, I will refer any new client requests to others.   So what will I be doing?

Like many people I have a desire to enjoy my life as well as contribute to society.   So this next 20 years I want to see more of this amazing country with my children and grandchildren.  It’s a beautiful world and we live in a country that holds a bit of everything; glaciers, deserts, mountains, prairies, rain forest…all of it.   Heck, we might even find Bigfoot while we’re out stomping around!

I will be concentrating on using the IChing to pick stocks and predict hurricane landfalls.  I’ll pick stocks to fund those amazing adventures and I’ll find a way to use the IChing to help those in hurricane prone areas to better predict and prepare for the storms.

I will also still take on commercial Feng Shui clients.

It looks to be a very interesting 20 year span.






One More Month

Rooster year doesn’t start for Feng Shui purposes until February 4th.  How’s that for weird?

That’s when the energy of your space will change, but in the meantime, we still have another month of the crazy Yang Fire Monkey Year to deal with.   That’s right…more monkey.   And, he’s still playing with fire.

Well, on January 5th the monthly energy changes from the Yang Metal Rat to the Yin Metal Ox.  I like the Ox myself.   He usually brings me money.  Let’s hope the Ox can calm down the flaming, troublemaker of a Monkey!

In January the monthly stars should not be causing so many problems as they did/will in December.  They will have to be watched a bit though.

If your door is in the North, make sure that door doesn’t smack you in the face!  The 7 and 5 combination can cause mouth problems.  When you consider the monkey year…things could get a bit exciting.

Don’t make decisions about money in the Northeast.  The monthly and yearly stars here combine for money problems.

If your kitchen is in the East, be especially careful of burns.

Southeast can bring health, wealth and sibling troubles.  Why not just leave it at health and wealth? There’s the catch.  In Feng Shui we are constantly saying, “It all depends.”  And, it does.  Landforms can change what looks like a bad area into a good one or what looks good into a not so good area.  So can the pathways inside your home!  The whole picture has to be taken into consideration.

Nothing is ever as simple as just numbers, and nothing is static.   It’s good to be alerted to possible problems though!

Sometimes you can dodge that pothole if you know it’s there before you turn the corner.

Rat Month


December's Rat

December’s Rat

December 7th brings in the Rat Month.   Are you ready?    Did you know that a group of rats is also known as a “mischief”?   This month is Geng (yang metal) Zi (yin water).  With metal to strengthen it, this rat month should be a doozie.

If buyers and sellers are particularly cranky this month, consider the possibility that the Feng Shui is causing the trouble.  Houses on the market facing North or Northwest will have more conflict than usual after December 6th.

In the North, the 6 monthly star joins the 7 yearly star.   The two metal stars, “clashing swords”, can cause troubles.   If this area of the home is busy or well-used there may be more fighting than usual.   Having this combination at the door can make relationships a bit stressful.  What can you do if that becomes a problem?  Bring in some bamboo and a little water in a black container. Give all that metal an outlet with something to prune.

The Northwest is also an area that may see some conflict.  The earth and wood are naturally conflicting…earth feels a bit “poked at” by the wood, and it fights back.   “Bullfight Sha” energy will cause people to act like fighting bulls, butting heads and pounding each other’s skulls until neither has any sense.  For this, the cure is fire and metal.   Some red and a bit of round or domed metal should help ease some of the tension.  Of course, the sound of a chiming clock also serves as a metal cure, just be sure to add a bit of red.

The Southwest is a great sector for business right now, so spend some time there while you’re watching the bad behavior of those in the North and Northwest.  While we may not be able to completely change their behavior, we may be able to use the energy to sell that house!  Who knows…could be a bidding war for the property.   So, be aware…it could be the Feng Shui!

Feng Shui Kentucky

Feng Shui This | Disgusted Turkey

Cranky Turkey

That’s one disgusted turkey.


While I count my blessings this holiday season, I want you to know that you are among them.   Thank you for your support, your sharing, and your constant questions that keep me on my toes!  Each of you is deeply appreciated.

Our country has become terribly divided.  This year when families gather together there will be conflict.   At the family table, everyone should feel comfortable. The American Indians used the “talking stick” to give everyone a chance to speak their peace.  This year I would suggest that you use a brass bell. The sound of metal is an excellent cure for many causes of tension in a room.  Chiming clocks, piano music, all these can help.  But, if everyone is to be heard, using a brass bell around the dinner table may be the best option.

The rules are simple.  Whoever is holding the bell gets to talk without interruption until they’ve said their peace.  (maybe a 5-minute limit should be enforced)  When they’re done, the bell is rung and then is passed to the next person, who rings the bell before and after he speaks.  I would also suggest to the group that while people are speaking we listen carefully and use our own time to address any concerns.   The bell can be passed around until everyone is satisfied that their points have been understood correctly.

This year the spirit of Thanksgiving may be more important than ever before.  Our blessings are many and our problems can be worked out.

Above all, let’s be grateful for what we have while striving to be the best we can be.   And remember…if nothing else…at least you’re not the turkey.

Feng Shui This | Pig Month


Monkey smacks Pig—Pig eats Monkey

Now that the election is over, we get to contend with the Pig in a Monkey year!   (and you were hoping it was over)  These guys are both acting up in November.   The pig wallows in his own filth…the monkey throws his!  So what’s a goat like me to do?  Head for high ground, of course!   And, while they’re slinging poo…lets look at the Feng Shui for this month.  First, I will remind you that these are only the monthly and yearly stars.  Your house has its own chart and any of these will be interacting with that chart as well.
This month the yearly stars are duplicated by the month, making things a bit more intense.
Starting in the North:
7-7:  Protect this sector from theft.  The 7 likes to take what isn’t hers.
5-5: Earth palace, so strong here.  The sound of metal, a chiming clock will keep this star out of trouble.

9-9: She’s active, lively and can burn the house down if you don’t watch her.  Be careful of open flames here.  East is the thunder palace…wood. 


1-1: Also in a wood palace.  I’d do my thinking and studying here.

6-6:  Fire palace hurts the 6.  Be careful of the health of the head of the household.  If he says he’s sick, believe him, no matter how big a baby he may be.

8-8: This earth palace will get along great with the 8’s.  Make some money here.


4-4:  This palace is metal and a hostile environment for these guys.  Adding something black and wavy should bridge the metal and wood.  


3-3:  Want to plan a new business?  Here’s where to start.   Just be sure you visit the Southwest first and bring in some of the ruling 8 energy.  Otherwise, you may have legal trouble and/or robbery!

Enjoy this beautiful month.  No matter what seems to be happening in the world, rejoice and  count your blessings.  If we remember that each day is a gift, we’ll always look forward to tomorrow.  
And remember…if you have any Feng Shui questions, just ask!

Feng Shui This | Feng Shui or Fraud?



What Holly’s shoveling is much more honest than what’s being shoveled in China lately.
Every now and then, the conversation turns to some strange activity that’s being associated with Feng Shui.  Years ago Master Yu warned us of what is now China’s latest “fad”.  Not Sheng Qi…but Sheng Ji.  So close that it seems even the name is meant to confuse and defraud.  Fraud is the key here.
This technique for bringing money involves taking fingernail clippings and burying them (with a ritual of course) in order to have the good energy of the land absorbed by the clippings, and transferred to the client.  Kind of like, “I can’t go to Harvard, but I can send my fingernails and then I’ll get smart!”
Yes, I’m mocking this practice.   It’s the kind of thing that brings back the days when hawkers sold snake oil from the backs of trucks.  People would buy a concoction of snake oil, alcohol, and a few herbs, after being told that it would cure whatever was wrong with them.  Of course, the “store” drove off in the night, leaving customers with a bottle of flavored alcohol.  Ok, maybe they did feel cured for a bit.  But after the buzz wore off they began to realize that they were duped and their money was long gone.
Now, we have supposed Feng Shui Masters burying fingernails and making thousands of dollars doing it.  What’s going to happen when the owners of these nail parings figure out they’ve been hornswoggled?  Well, many will never say a word because admitting you paid someone $10,000 to bury your fingernails would make you look stupid, wouldn’t it?  Although some of these clients have their photos showing up on their “Feng Shui Master’s” Facebook pages, so they’re even less likely to complain.
Others will complain and be told that it was their karma or their choices that cursed the ritual burying of their fingernails, and of course, that was not the Feng Shui Master’s fault, so there will be no refund.  I’m betting there is a form they have people sign that explains all this…and of course, people will sign it.  I call it a CYFSMA clause.  Yes…that’s “Cover Your Feng Shui Masters Ass”.
So, what can you do when you see this happening?  Well, all we can do is warn people…and then expect many to do it anyway.
There really are many ways to a good life.  Remember there’s Heaven Luck, Earth Luck, and Man Luck.  Most of us are not destined to have great wealth.  Most of those on this planet do not have the freedom we have here in the USA.  And, most of the world’s population has no idea what Feng Shui is.  Feng Shui can help us achieve our full potential.   It cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.   But, I want to be the best I can be, and that includes using every advantage I can.   Nothing more complicated than that.
However, there’s no reason anyone should ever pay $10,000.00 to bury their fingernails.  Heck, you can bury a whole body for less than that!

Feng Shui This | June is for Horses

IMG_7761Welcome to June!  With just a few adaptations, we can make the best of this horse month.
The Southwest is hosting the 4 monthly star (wood energy) and it is an irritant to the annual 8 (earth energy).  A red rug fire bridge will connect the two, bringing prosperity instead of aggravation.  Simple enough, right?
If your office is in the east, try not to make any major decisions there.  The 5 monthly star and the 9 yearly star can make clear thinking difficult.
This month will be interesting.  Words can become “flame throwers”, loaded with the fire of the horse. So, be sure you make yourself clear when you communicate.  Even then, people will be easily incited to overreact.
The yearly monkey is quick to react to what he perceives as attack.  With all this fire, he’ll be wearing his heart on his sleeve…along with a chip…daring someone to insult his honor. It won’t take much to blow a little misunderstanding into a full scale tantrum.
But, consider that the horse is without guile.  He says what he thinks, without thinking about how it may be misinterpreted. This kind of innocence is a rare gift.  But it can make life extremely difficult.
So, make sure what you heard is what was meant and think before you speak…knowing the odds are high that there will be misunderstanding.  Be a calm place in this wild month and while the world goes a bit crazy you can watch, ponder, and learn.

Feng Shui This | Do You Speak Feng Shui?

“Merely symbolic” is a term tossed around a lot, but we need to realize that symbols are a language.  They tell us stories, and they make us think.  They can tie us to our history, remind us of our path and help us to focus our energy.

American Flag

American Flag

When we look at the flag of our country we salute those who helped make this country great, and remember those who formed it.  The Stars and Stripes convey a message.

When we look at religious symbols we’re reminded of God and the path back to Him.   Those symbols tell others who we worship, what our religion holds dear, and identify us to the world.



But, what of Feng Shui Symbols?  What kind of language do they speak?  And, who are they speaking to?   cropped-logo-500.jpg

I use the Flying Star method of Feng Shui. In this method we recognize that there are energies (also known as stars) coming from 8 directions.  Personally, I like to think of the stars as angels.  Each has a different skill, and a different personality. Some need extra attention, and others not so much. They support us according to their idea of what we want and need. Sometimes their ideas of what we need don’t match ours and things get a bit messy. So, it’s important to speak the language so we can let them know what it is we want and need.

If you want to encourage a star that has a wood personality, you give it what wood would like…water.  If you want to encourage a star with an earth personality, you give it something red, representing fire.   This is the language of the stars.

When we look at Feng Shui symbols, often we see things like the Money Toad.  He’s a cute little guy, with a grumpy face, sitting on a pile of coins and catching another in his mouth.  These are considered to be superstition by many, but when you think about it, they’re just another form of language.

Proverbial Money Toad

What does the Money Toad make you think of ?   It probably makes you think of making money!  That’s all it needs to do.  And, if it’s making you think of making money, it may also be saying the same to the entities that pay attention to such things.   If he makes you smile and makes you think of making money, he’s done enough.  But, if you want to make money with the energy a specific star can bring, maybe he should be sitting in that sector.

Layers…lots of layers in Feng Shui.  The deeper we dig…the more answers and mysteries we find.   Isn’t this fun?

Feng Shui This | Fire at Rabbit Hash General Store

The Rabbit Hash General Store was built in the 8th period, 1831. This was only 32 years after the death of George Washington.   The state of Kentucky was still frontier and it hadn’t been long since the last Indian attack.   The store sat near the Ohio River, just downstream from Cincinnati, on the Kentucky side.
Saturday, February 13th, 2016, that little store burned to the ground.  It was a terrible loss to the entire community.  So far as what has been reported, it seems to be unexplained at this time.   Lets look at the Feng Shui and see if it gives us a clue.
First, check out the location:
Rabbit Hash General Store
The Ohio River is flowing South, bringing this year the annual 5 (disaster) to the 7-9 (fire) and 4-3 (wood), as well as the 3-4 (wood) combinations.  Looks like fire burning wood disaster to me.
Rabbit Hash General Store chart
The stars in the triangle (facing 5 mountain, 5 base, 8 water) are always there for this building.  The tiny little ones at the bottom are the yearly, monthly and daily stars.  They change with every year, month and day.
Notice how they are all duplicated.  On the 13th of February, 2016, at this store, any tendency in the yearly combinations will be enhanced.
The 9-7 combination is FIRE.  There are two.  One at the water in the Ohio River, making it very strong…and one is at the water mouth where the roads to the town converge, turning north or south.  Look at the chart below and you’ll see the 7 water star is met by the 9 yearly, monthly and daily stars.  Apparently a very successful fire combination.
Whenever there is a fire at a very important building, and this one was historic, we look for the Feng Shui ties. This place has a ton.
Does your house have the same chart?  Many do…but does it have the same configuration of roads and rivers?  It’s not likely.  I’m going to speculate that the Feng Shui of this place had 70% to do with its burning down.  The other 30% was man-luck.  Someone either got careless recently, or was careless years ago and the result took a while to show up.  Whatever the ratio, it took both to burn it down…man luck and earth luck…people and Feng Shui.
They say they will rebuild.  In the current 8th period they will have a great chart again…except for this year, (I’d watch out for October 10, 19 and 28th) and in 9 years they’ll have the same configuration of stars, so I would advise them to be very watchful in 2023.
It’s good to know your Feng Shui so you know the possibilities.


Feng Shui This | Fire Monkey!

Fire Monkey Year

Fire Monkey Year


What do you think of when you hear “Fire Monkey”?  Well, I’m a little wary of this guy because monkeys are not who we’d like to see in charge of the matches, right?
Fire controls metal…and shapes it.  Well, the monkey is Shen Metal, so Fire on Metal is in conflict.   In a year in conflict with itself, we’ll need a bridge of earth to ease it.  So, expect earth related industries to benefit from the Fire Monkey, and metal industries to benefit from the enriched earth.
In Feng Shui we will be experiencing more powerful earth stars as well, with the Fire Monkey putting his energy toward earth.  So, if you have a 8 water star at your door, you will benefit.  If you have a 5 water star at  your door, you need to be sure to have gentle chimes nearby to ease the earth energy toward metal.
Fire Monkey year begins for most of us on February 4th.  So, what can the world expect in the coming year? For the USA we can expect true change.  1776 was also a Fire Monkey year (Bing Shen).  Revolution and a new beginning marked the year.
Although the Constitution hangs by a thread, this year will bring us back to our roots, with a swing toward taking care of business at home.  Budgets will be cut and government will go back to basics.  (in so much as is possible in 2016)
People all over the world will fight for what they think is due them, no matter the cost to others, until the fire and metal clash in the streets.
I would also expect more volcanoes to erupt than usual, and more treasures to be unearthed as fire feeds the earth and it gives up  its gold.  Could it also portend more earthquakes?  It would make sense.  We’ll see.  It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.
The last Fire Monkey year was 1956; things are more complicated now, but the energies still do the same as always.
And, the world goes round and round.