Feng Shui This | Pig Month


Monkey smacks Pig—Pig eats Monkey

Now that the election is over, we get to contend with the Pig in a Monkey year!   (and you were hoping it was over)  These guys are both acting up in November.   The pig wallows in his own filth…the monkey throws his!  So what’s a goat like me to do?  Head for high ground, of course!   And, while they’re slinging poo…lets look at the Feng Shui for this month.  First, I will remind you that these are only the monthly and yearly stars.  Your house has its own chart and any of these will be interacting with that chart as well.
This month the yearly stars are duplicated by the month, making things a bit more intense.
Starting in the North:
7-7:  Protect this sector from theft.  The 7 likes to take what isn’t hers.
5-5: Earth palace, so strong here.  The sound of metal, a chiming clock will keep this star out of trouble.

9-9: She’s active, lively and can burn the house down if you don’t watch her.  Be careful of open flames here.  East is the thunder palace…wood. 


1-1: Also in a wood palace.  I’d do my thinking and studying here.

6-6:  Fire palace hurts the 6.  Be careful of the health of the head of the household.  If he says he’s sick, believe him, no matter how big a baby he may be.

8-8: This earth palace will get along great with the 8’s.  Make some money here.


4-4:  This palace is metal and a hostile environment for these guys.  Adding something black and wavy should bridge the metal and wood.  


3-3:  Want to plan a new business?  Here’s where to start.   Just be sure you visit the Southwest first and bring in some of the ruling 8 energy.  Otherwise, you may have legal trouble and/or robbery!

Enjoy this beautiful month.  No matter what seems to be happening in the world, rejoice and  count your blessings.  If we remember that each day is a gift, we’ll always look forward to tomorrow.  
And remember…if you have any Feng Shui questions, just ask!

I Ching This | Trump?

Donald Trump Presidency?

Donald Trump Presidency?

Will Donald Trump be our next President?

Reading was done in September.

The text shows #28–Great Exceeding with no moving lines.

Subject is Trump, Yao 4, Parents Line Hai with a “dead” Wu Offspring (at the time of the reading) hiding beneath it.  In November, Wu Fire is at Vanishing.  Flying Spirit controls Hiding Spirit…not good!  Offspring represents “good public servants”.  But, in November we also have Wei and Hai joining with the Gua Shen Mao for a strong wood combination in the chart and month.  Wood will feed the Wu Fire.  This may save him from disaster.

Election day is Wu, same as Hiding Offspring.  It won’t be dead on Wu day.  And, it will be fed by the combination Wei Hai Mao.

He’s at the Dragon…a sign that he’s basically a good man.

Bird at Yao 5 is at Officer/ghost, meaning lawsuits.  Yao 5 is generating the Parents line, controlling hidden Offspring.

Tortoise is at Yao 3, on the other side of the Subject and also at Officer/ghost.  Tortoise is depressed and also a bit of a thief.  So Trump’s money may be at risk.

This reading is a bit disturbing.  The Gua Shen is not in the Hexagram, which makes it a little unsettled.  Hard to interpret.  On the one hand, it looks like a landslide win, but on the other, it looks like trouble for Trump.

I Ching This | Hillary?

Will Hillary be next President?

This reading was done in August.  It is read for Election Day.

The text shows Hindrance moving to Proceeding Forward.  Sounds good for her, right?  Here’s why it’s not:

Subject is Hillary and vanishing according to the month of August.  This carries over.  In my experience “vanishing” means exactly that.  How will she vanish?

Well, we know she has been taking time off from campaigning…disappearing for days before debates…canceling events.  Is this all it means?  Could this be what is showing up here?

Subject is attacked by the year.  Shen attacks Mao but Mao is generated by the month Hai/water.  The Parents line at Yao 1, Wei combines with the month for Wei/Hai/Mao generating Mao, the Subject.  Is it enough?   I don’t think so because the 8th is a fire day.  Wu fire will be generated by the Subject.  Wu represents Officer/ghost, the law.  She’s fueling the fire herself.

Let’s look at the Object in question…the office of President.

It is void and weak in August.  In Hai month (November) it is still weak, but even though weak, it’s still there.  The Tortoise represents depression.

Yao 5, Shen metal, Brothers line, moving and strong, also at the year.  It’s generated by earth, so when Xu comes out of void, the office of President will help generate Shen, the Brothers line.     Brothers rob you and here the Brothers line here attacks the Subject, Hillary.  Since it is also at the Gua Shen it also indicates betrayal.  It moves to generate back, so these Brothers are strong…and they change to Wei, which is the Parents line.  (documents, contracts, emails…)  When this reading was done in August, the rest of this mess with Emails and other documents had not yet been released.

The release of these documents is controlling her opportunity and joy.  (obviously)

Yao 2, Officer/Ghost is clashed on Election Day by the Hai/Pig month, but both are involved in a fire combination with the Object Xu.  So, the office of President is deeply involved with the investigations/lawsuits.

The Wei-Si-Wu directional combination is strong because the Brothers line moves to Wei.  This combination strongly suggests lawsuit and imprisonment.  Snake at Officer/ghost is imprisonment, Snake at Bird is lawsuit/charges.

Earth is generated in the reading.  Earth is represented by Parents line.  The Subject (Mao wood) would normally try to control the earth, except Mao is vanishing and what’s left is feeding the extremely strong fire in the Wei-Wu-Si directional combination.  Election day is a Wu fire day, that’s not helping her a bit.

Hillary is controlled.

My bottom line?

She loses big, is betrayed by President Obama, as well as her aides and associates, and after charges are brought, she is tried and goes to prison.




Feng Shui This | Halloween Spooks

Clown Car?

Yes, there’s a clown on that hood.

It won’t be long now until it’s Halloween, and in the middle of the scary, silly season of Halloween, we have idiots running around threatening people while dressed as clowns.  Folks, this is going to get someone hurt. Threatening people can be dangerous.

In my consulting business, I am often met with people who have had truly frightening encounters with real spooks, ghosts, spirits, and other unwelcome visitors.  And, I’ve discovered that people who are frightened can be extremely dangerous.  I’ve known folks to throw guns, knives, plates, rocks, books and even a cat, when they felt threatened.  (why he didn’t shoot that gun we’ll never know)

It shouldn’t come to this, though.  What you need is a bit of help in Spook Removal.  Yes…like Ghost Busters, but without the backpacks.

Unless you moved into a haunted house, or built your home on a graveyard, you probably brought them in yourself, right through the front door.  Some cause no problems and are just biding time before they pass over.  Some are sticking around because they’re troublemakers and don’t want to go to the other side because they know damn well they’ll have to face those they hurt.   Others may be confused and upset with being here and don’t know how to leave.

I’m thankful for Raymon Grace for teaching me how to send the spirits on their way.  But now I’m going to give you a few tips on how to keep from attracting them in the first place.  When did your unwanted guests start showing up?  Think back to before their entrance and try to remember if you changed anything in the house.  Did you bring in anything new?

Do you have windchimes?  Some places only need a set of windchimes to bring in the spirits.  Take them down for a month or so and see if that’s what’s been bringing them in.  Moving them to another sector may work as well.

Do you live near water?  Fogs and dampness seem to thin the veil between worlds.  If this is your problem, maybe you should call in help to clear out the troublemakers.  The water isn’t leaving, but you can “put up a sign” for the spirits to stay on their own side of the bed.

Did you recently buy an antique or something owned by someone who died?  Energy is impressed upon matter. Sometimes spirits will attach to an item and in their own way call it “home base”.   Getting rid of the item in question should solve this problem.

If all else fails…call me.  Don’t throw the cat!  I’ll be glad to see what I can do.

Feng Shui This | Feng Shui or Fraud?



What Holly’s shoveling is much more honest than what’s being shoveled in China lately.
Every now and then, the conversation turns to some strange activity that’s being associated with Feng Shui.  Years ago Master Yu warned us of what is now China’s latest “fad”.  Not Sheng Qi…but Sheng Ji.  So close that it seems even the name is meant to confuse and defraud.  Fraud is the key here.
This technique for bringing money involves taking fingernail clippings and burying them (with a ritual of course) in order to have the good energy of the land absorbed by the clippings, and transferred to the client.  Kind of like, “I can’t go to Harvard, but I can send my fingernails and then I’ll get smart!”
Yes, I’m mocking this practice.   It’s the kind of thing that brings back the days when hawkers sold snake oil from the backs of trucks.  People would buy a concoction of snake oil, alcohol, and a few herbs, after being told that it would cure whatever was wrong with them.  Of course, the “store” drove off in the night, leaving customers with a bottle of flavored alcohol.  Ok, maybe they did feel cured for a bit.  But after the buzz wore off they began to realize that they were duped and their money was long gone.
Now, we have supposed Feng Shui Masters burying fingernails and making thousands of dollars doing it.  What’s going to happen when the owners of these nail parings figure out they’ve been hornswoggled?  Well, many will never say a word because admitting you paid someone $10,000 to bury your fingernails would make you look stupid, wouldn’t it?  Although some of these clients have their photos showing up on their “Feng Shui Master’s” Facebook pages, so they’re even less likely to complain.
Others will complain and be told that it was their karma or their choices that cursed the ritual burying of their fingernails, and of course, that was not the Feng Shui Master’s fault, so there will be no refund.  I’m betting there is a form they have people sign that explains all this…and of course, people will sign it.  I call it a CYFSMA clause.  Yes…that’s “Cover Your Feng Shui Masters Ass”.
So, what can you do when you see this happening?  Well, all we can do is warn people…and then expect many to do it anyway.
There really are many ways to a good life.  Remember there’s Heaven Luck, Earth Luck, and Man Luck.  Most of us are not destined to have great wealth.  Most of those on this planet do not have the freedom we have here in the USA.  And, most of the world’s population has no idea what Feng Shui is.  Feng Shui can help us achieve our full potential.   It cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.   But, I want to be the best I can be, and that includes using every advantage I can.   Nothing more complicated than that.
However, there’s no reason anyone should ever pay $10,000.00 to bury their fingernails.  Heck, you can bury a whole body for less than that!

Feng Shui This | Do You Speak Feng Shui?

“Merely symbolic” is a term tossed around a lot, but we need to realize that symbols are a language.  They tell us stories, and they make us think.  They can tie us to our history, remind us of our path and help us to focus our energy.

American Flag

American Flag

When we look at the flag of our country we salute those who helped make this country great, and remember those who formed it.  The Stars and Stripes convey a message.

When we look at religious symbols we’re reminded of God and the path back to Him.   Those symbols tell others who we worship, what our religion holds dear, and identify us to the world.



But, what of Feng Shui Symbols?  What kind of language do they speak?  And, who are they speaking to?   cropped-logo-500.jpg

I use the Flying Star method of Feng Shui. In this method we recognize that there are energies (also known as stars) coming from 8 directions.  Personally, I like to think of the stars as angels.  Each has a different skill, and a different personality. Some need extra attention, and others not so much. They support us according to their idea of what we want and need. Sometimes their ideas of what we need don’t match ours and things get a bit messy. So, it’s important to speak the language so we can let them know what it is we want and need.

If you want to encourage a star that has a wood personality, you give it what wood would like…water.  If you want to encourage a star with an earth personality, you give it something red, representing fire.   This is the language of the stars.

When we look at Feng Shui symbols, often we see things like the Money Toad.  He’s a cute little guy, with a grumpy face, sitting on a pile of coins and catching another in his mouth.  These are considered to be superstition by many, but when you think about it, they’re just another form of language.

Proverbial Money Toad

What does the Money Toad make you think of ?   It probably makes you think of making money!  That’s all it needs to do.  And, if it’s making you think of making money, it may also be saying the same to the entities that pay attention to such things.   If he makes you smile and makes you think of making money, he’s done enough.  But, if you want to make money with the energy a specific star can bring, maybe he should be sitting in that sector.

Layers…lots of layers in Feng Shui.  The deeper we dig…the more answers and mysteries we find.   Isn’t this fun?

Feng Shui This | Putting Back Some Seed

There’s Heaven Luck, Earth Luck, and Man Luck.   Heaven Luck is what we land on the planet with…including our location.  Earth Luck is what that location offers us as far as Feng Shui.  And, Man Luck is what we do with what we have.
Save Back Some Seed

                           Save Some Seed

“Don’t forget to put back some seed, honey.”
Granny Hendricks
Back when my grandmother was alive, she would remind us often to “put back some seed”.  I always thought it was because she was cheap and didn’t want to spend good money buying seed for the spring garden when all she had to do was save some out of this years crop.  But, it was so much more than that.  Granny was using “Man Luck”.
A farmer has to have seed if he expects to plant a crop. Years ago you couldn’t go to the local Walmart and buy garden seeds.  You had to harvest  your own, or trade a neighbor for them.  Granny would pick a plant that had the best qualities for next year’s crop.  She’d dry the seeds carefully, even remembering to put them in the freezer for a bit to simulate an outdoor winter.  Her gardens were prolific, and beautiful.
Failing to save some seed; not keeping something in reserve, will bring a farmer and his family to ruin.   No matter how hard you work, if you fail to plan for the future, you will not thrive, and it’s very likely that you will fail miserably.
This is Man Luck.  Hard work, good planning, and being alert to circumstances.
Our government could learn a lot from Granny.  Instead of spending all we have and more, we need to “put back some seed” for the future of the nation; pay down our enormous debt, invest in this country, and bring the USA back to being productive.
Does this mean we can’t give to others?  Of course not.  But remember the pre-flight lectures we all get when we fly?
“In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, the oxygen masks will drop down.  Put the oxygen mask on  yourself first, before putting it on those under your care.”
It’s time to step back and put the oxygen mask on those who are tasked with the care of others.  This country is getting weak, and being drained further by debt and yes—bad leadership.   It’s time to rebuild our resources, strengthen our core, and get ourselves in better shape.  The world needs a strong USA, and we won’t get stronger if we stay on the current path.
This is also known as, “Economics 101”.

Feng Shui This | Feng Shui or Destiny?

I had been studying Feng Shui for many years when we bought our current house, so I picked one that was darn near guaranteed to be a winner.  It’s what’s called a “Three Parent House” — said to be lucky in all periods, so I expected my career to pick up substantially.

It was late fall of 2007 when we moved in and as I had expected, things were a bit slow at first.  Then in February of 2008 business really picked up.  I stayed busy until the following February.  About then, just as the city started digging up an intersection behind our house, business stopped.  Since the digging that year was in an area that should not be disturbed, I waited for them to finish, expecting business to pick up when the work was completed.  It too them nearly a year.  But, even after that, business continued to be extremely slow, and has not yet come close to 2008 strength.

In 2010, I went to Toronto for a new class and found out why.   The hexagram of door and sitting are holding down the money.  What does that mean?  Well for me, it means that the cure to release the hidden money would harm my husband.  I decided to keep the husband happy and healthy by finding an alternative.

We built a nice little home office in the back yard for me to work in, with great Feng Shui.   Now money does manage to show up occasionally.  😉

But the house still has the problem. And, it still has an effect on our ability to make and retain money.

Adding to this, my 4 Pillars (destiny) chart has wealth clashed during this 10 year cycle, so destiny seems to have helped me pick a house to  match.  Thankfully, the clash lasts just one more year, then things should improve substantially.

All three kinds of luck come into play here.  Heaven luck, Earth Luck, and Man Luck. Heaven luck is my personal astrology chart.  Earth luck is the Feng Shui of my house and Man luck is the effort to build a new office and make the best of what I have.

One step forward, two steps back. The Feng Shui is good, then bad, and then finally understood.  There are times when I feel a bit like Sisyphus—Zeus became angry with him for boasting that he was more clever than Zeus, so he punished him by giving him a rock to push up a hill until just before it reached the top, the rock rolls back. Sisyphus always manages to get that rock almost to the top, just to see it roll back down.  Some would say that Sisyphus is involved in a futile exercise. Maybe not though.

The way I look at it, the whole story isn’t told.  Newton said, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”   If we’re going to assume Zeus and Sisyphus exist, we will also have to assume that they are included in the laws of physics.

There are two possibilities.  Either Sisyphus has become more and more miserable— resenting and fighting his destiny, or he has truly become more clever than Zeus, and found that happiness comes from within.  If he sees his job as taking the rock over the top of the hill he’ll be miserable.  If instead he sees his task as taking the rock up the hill just until it can roll back down, he can consider it a job well done every time. Could it be that Sisyphus has learned to be humble?  He has surely gained physical strength.   Maybe he also learned patience.  With all that time to think, is it possible that he found happiness within himself?  Maybe in time Zeus will consider the lesson learned and turn him loose?

That’s the secret of man luck.  We all have the ability to find happiness.  And, if we can’t find it in the outer world, we must find it within ourselves, and wait for the outer world to catch up.

Feng Shui This | Profiling Rednecks

toronto reading
Going to Toronto
September 24th I was happy to be headed to Toronto for a dinner in honor of Malgorzata’s visit to Canada.  Master Yu and Teresa hosted a wonderful dinner, complete with fresh Alaskan King Crab. The perfect high note to a pretty eventful day.
The IChing reading was done by me to help me decide whether I should make the trip. After a pretty stressful week with family I just didn’t know if I was up to it. I had been accused of things I didn’t do, had my words taken out of context, and generally judged to be lacking in many ways.  And, that’s just my family.  ha
So, when things started piling up and appearing grim, I did an IChing reading.
Now, the Wen Wang Gua method is different than the text type.  In Wen Wang Gua readings, you look at each line (yao) and determine how it interacts with the hour, day and month…as well as how it interacts with other yaos in the hexagram.
In this reading the only moving line is yao 6.  This place represents the “water mouth”.  This can mean true water, or a convergence of energies like roads, etc. Or apparently, a border crossing.
Sure enough…at the border crossing there was trouble.
What kind of trouble?  Well, Yao 6 is metal,moving to control wood…Officer Ghost in the present hexagram.  The Officer Ghost line represents governments…etc.
Under that Ghost line is fire.  The fire is a Parents line and is draining the Officer/Ghost.  Maybe it’s making them a bit “touchy” at the border??
The subject (me) is strong at the day.  It will be a problem, but not one that can’t be overcome.  Without this last detail, I would have not finished my trip.
So, What Happened?
I was pulled over and searched at the border going into Canada. This is the third time they’ve picked me out of the crowd on my way to Toronto, so I was beginning to wonder what’s wrong.  This time after they asked me to pull over to check the bottle of wine I had declared…(an important point) they asked more questions, including if I was carrying pepper spray.  I said, “Yes”.  I had left Kentucky at 4 AM and driven through some pretty rough towns on my way there. I don’t think it’s safe for a lone woman to travel that far without something for protection.  They let me know it’s illegal in Canada.
Funny, but it is allowed if it’s marked for bears.    Kinda dumb, but there you go. Apparently Canada doesn’t want their women to be able to protect themselves in a non-lethal manner.  The hawk-billed knife I had with me was fine. Problem is, you have to have time to open a knife and then get close enough to use it.  Not a safe alternative to pepper spray.
Anyway, I handed over the pepper spray and then things got ugly.  They searched my bags, my purse, my truck and my cooler…climbed up in the bed of my truck and searched the box of trash I keep in there…(when I’m out mending fences I toss my water bottles in the box to keep them from blowing out of the truck)…kicked the wheel covers…opened the hood, searched the engine and looked under the carriage. They tore apart my suitcase, checked my prescription medications (to the point of asking me what they were for and if I really needed them) and made sure my underwear was proper for Canada, I suppose.   Of course, they found nothing new.  I had declared everything!
Then they threatened impounding my truck over that “illegal” pepper spray that was meant to “subdue humans”, telling me it would cost me $500 to get my truck back. They then left me sitting on a bench outside, sobbing.  Remember, it had already been a very rough week and I’d been driving over 9 hours.
After all this, they declared me safe for Canada…and told me to enjoy my stay in Toronto. How nice.  I almost went home right then.  But, I continued on to Toronto.
Well, I went to the dinner and despite being upset, had a very nice meal and visit with my friends.  The dinner was fantastic. And, afterwards some of us gathered in the hotel lobby to chat.
Next day I headed home, still wondering if I was on some sort of terrorist list or something.  After all, I’m a 60 year old grandma who has had an FBI background check for a CCW permit.  Border patrol has all that information.  What is their reasoning for putting me through such a search and threatening my truck?  I have no criminal record! I’m married to a US Veteran, I’m a former police officer, heck, I might as well have an FBI seal of approval on my f****** forehead!
So, I stopped at the border and asked one of OUR border agents what was up with all this.
He said it’s because I am from “one of the southern states where guns are commonly owned”, and I have a CCW permit. He also said it didn’t help that I was driving an obvious farm truck that just screamed “redneck” to the liberal Canadians.  Son of a gun…I’d been profiled.
Does the Canadian border patrol think I’m likely to be a criminal because I support and use the Second Amendment, and because I legally own and carry a weapon in Kentucky?  So, being an American Citizen…and exercising my LEGAL right to own and carry a weapon, makes me a potential criminal in the eyes of Canada???
I don’t think so.  They knew I didn’t pose a threat to Canada.  They realized I was not likely to have a gun or WMD hidden away in my truck.
Liberalism in the US and Canada is the same.  They think they’re better than the rest of us.  And, to them, the end justifies the means.  Anything you have to do to make the liberal point is fine with them.
They made their point.  They don’t like people who have more rights than they do!
They think my rights as a US citizen are worthy of being trashed by Canada. How nice.  If they are capable of harassing me … are they capable of planting something in my truck to make me look guilty? I don’t know, but they’ll never have a chance to mess with my truck again.    That really was the last straw.
Raising the hood and poking around inside my truck engine…way out of line. Especially after they had studied my “non-criminal record” and seen the results of my FBI background check.  They knew better.
I wonder if they profile young Arabic/Middle Eastern men as well?


Know Your Stars| #9 Wife of Middle Son

9 FIRE WIFE OF MIDDLE SONThis  young lady is a firecracker!  She loves to party, loves to join in the fun!  She’s all about promoting herself as well as promoting others.  She’s just happy to be here!

#9 Fire Energy-Wife of Middle Son

#9 Fire Energy-Wife of Middle Son

Her main fault is that she doesn’t always choose her friends well, and ends up promoting the wrong type of energy.  With the wrong crowd, she can bring on eye disease, heart disease, even insanity.

This year she’s visiting in the Southwest.  Who is she visiting at your house?