Feng Shui This | Halloween Spooks

Clown Car?

Yes, there’s a clown on that hood.

It won’t be long now until it’s Halloween, and in the middle of the scary, silly season of Halloween, we have idiots running around threatening people while dressed as clowns.  Folks, this is going to get someone hurt. Threatening people can be dangerous.

In my consulting business, I am often met with people who have had truly frightening encounters with real spooks, ghosts, spirits, and other unwelcome visitors.  And, I’ve discovered that people who are frightened can be extremely dangerous.  I’ve known folks to throw guns, knives, plates, rocks, books and even a cat, when they felt threatened.  (why he didn’t shoot that gun we’ll never know)

It shouldn’t come to this, though.  What you need is a bit of help in Spook Removal.  Yes…like Ghost Busters, but without the backpacks.

Unless you moved into a haunted house, or built your home on a graveyard, you probably brought them in yourself, right through the front door.  Some cause no problems and are just biding time before they pass over.  Some are sticking around because they’re troublemakers and don’t want to go to the other side because they know damn well they’ll have to face those they hurt.   Others may be confused and upset with being here and don’t know how to leave.

I’m thankful for Raymon Grace for teaching me how to send the spirits on their way.  But now I’m going to give you a few tips on how to keep from attracting them in the first place.  When did your unwanted guests start showing up?  Think back to before their entrance and try to remember if you changed anything in the house.  Did you bring in anything new?

Do you have windchimes?  Some places only need a set of windchimes to bring in the spirits.  Take them down for a month or so and see if that’s what’s been bringing them in.  Moving them to another sector may work as well.

Do you live near water?  Fogs and dampness seem to thin the veil between worlds.  If this is your problem, maybe you should call in help to clear out the troublemakers.  The water isn’t leaving, but you can “put up a sign” for the spirits to stay on their own side of the bed.

Did you recently buy an antique or something owned by someone who died?  Energy is impressed upon matter. Sometimes spirits will attach to an item and in their own way call it “home base”.   Getting rid of the item in question should solve this problem.

If all else fails…call me.  Don’t throw the cat!  I’ll be glad to see what I can do.