Feng Shui This | Feng Shui or Fraud?



What Holly’s shoveling is much more honest than what’s being shoveled in China lately.
Every now and then, the conversation turns to some strange activity that’s being associated with Feng Shui.  Years ago Master Yu warned us of what is now China’s latest “fad”.  Not Sheng Qi…but Sheng Ji.  So close that it seems even the name is meant to confuse and defraud.  Fraud is the key here.
This technique for bringing money involves taking fingernail clippings and burying them (with a ritual of course) in order to have the good energy of the land absorbed by the clippings, and transferred to the client.  Kind of like, “I can’t go to Harvard, but I can send my fingernails and then I’ll get smart!”
Yes, I’m mocking this practice.   It’s the kind of thing that brings back the days when hawkers sold snake oil from the backs of trucks.  People would buy a concoction of snake oil, alcohol, and a few herbs, after being told that it would cure whatever was wrong with them.  Of course, the “store” drove off in the night, leaving customers with a bottle of flavored alcohol.  Ok, maybe they did feel cured for a bit.  But after the buzz wore off they began to realize that they were duped and their money was long gone.
Now, we have supposed Feng Shui Masters burying fingernails and making thousands of dollars doing it.  What’s going to happen when the owners of these nail parings figure out they’ve been hornswoggled?  Well, many will never say a word because admitting you paid someone $10,000 to bury your fingernails would make you look stupid, wouldn’t it?  Although some of these clients have their photos showing up on their “Feng Shui Master’s” Facebook pages, so they’re even less likely to complain.
Others will complain and be told that it was their karma or their choices that cursed the ritual burying of their fingernails, and of course, that was not the Feng Shui Master’s fault, so there will be no refund.  I’m betting there is a form they have people sign that explains all this…and of course, people will sign it.  I call it a CYFSMA clause.  Yes…that’s “Cover Your Feng Shui Masters Ass”.
So, what can you do when you see this happening?  Well, all we can do is warn people…and then expect many to do it anyway.
There really are many ways to a good life.  Remember there’s Heaven Luck, Earth Luck, and Man Luck.  Most of us are not destined to have great wealth.  Most of those on this planet do not have the freedom we have here in the USA.  And, most of the world’s population has no idea what Feng Shui is.  Feng Shui can help us achieve our full potential.   It cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.   But, I want to be the best I can be, and that includes using every advantage I can.   Nothing more complicated than that.
However, there’s no reason anyone should ever pay $10,000.00 to bury their fingernails.  Heck, you can bury a whole body for less than that!