Feng Shui This | July is for Revolutions

Looking back at the history of this country is a passion of mine.  I like to connect the dots and see how time and space work together to influence people, and trigger world events.  When I look at July of  1776, I can’t help but see history repeating itself once again.

Old Glory

July of 1776 was also a wood goat month in a fire monkey year.    Every 60 years this combination shows up.  What seems to happen is that people get fed up with feeling abused and begin to formally revolt.  The signs may have been there the year before, but it seems that the Bing Shen years put a seal on the revolution and make it official.

1776–The Declaration of Independence signaled the founding of a new country and although the Revolutionary War had begun the year before, this declaration made it clear that this land would become a new country, and separate from England.   The war would last until 1783.

It was period 5 and the fight was against the tyranny of King George, Emperor energy.

There have only been three other Bing Shen years since the American Revolution.

1836– The Texas Revolution began in 1835 when Santa Anna appointed himself dictator and began his attempt to disarm the settlers.  At the Convention of 1836 there was a formal vote for independence.

This happened in period 8 against Santa Anna…a young man, represented by the 8.  Power went to his head and he was quick to abuse it.

1896—The Philippine Revolution to liberate the Philippines from the rule of Spain.

Period 2 is mother energy.  Spain had ruled the Philippines for 300 years.  You could say that this was truly a revolt against the “Mother Country”.

1956—Hungarian Revolution against the tyranny imposed by Communist Russia.    Thousands were killed.

Also that year, Egypt  claimed the Suez Canal for itself, blocking others from using it. Soon afterward, France and Great Britain joined Israel to recapture the canal and insure international access to international waters. (basically a revolution against the overstep of power by the Egyptian government)

This was in period 5, more Emperor energy being misused by tyrants and ultimately defied by revolutionaries.

So, what will 2016 bring us?  We’re in the 8th period, so we have to consider the youngest son energy.   Is the youngest son “too big for his britches”?  Has power gone to his head like it did with Santa Anna?   Would he appoint himself dictator?

Although it won’t be pretty, it is encouraging that all over the world, people are standing up for freedom and liberty.  How long the fight will take is anyone’s guess.  But, there are lessons to be learned from history.

What have we learned?