Feng Shui This | June is for Horses

IMG_7761Welcome to June!  With just a few adaptations, we can make the best of this horse month.
The Southwest is hosting the 4 monthly star (wood energy) and it is an irritant to the annual 8 (earth energy).  A red rug fire bridge will connect the two, bringing prosperity instead of aggravation.  Simple enough, right?
If your office is in the east, try not to make any major decisions there.  The 5 monthly star and the 9 yearly star can make clear thinking difficult.
This month will be interesting.  Words can become “flame throwers”, loaded with the fire of the horse. So, be sure you make yourself clear when you communicate.  Even then, people will be easily incited to overreact.
The yearly monkey is quick to react to what he perceives as attack.  With all this fire, he’ll be wearing his heart on his sleeve…along with a chip…daring someone to insult his honor. It won’t take much to blow a little misunderstanding into a full scale tantrum.
But, consider that the horse is without guile.  He says what he thinks, without thinking about how it may be misinterpreted. This kind of innocence is a rare gift.  But it can make life extremely difficult.
So, make sure what you heard is what was meant and think before you speak…knowing the odds are high that there will be misunderstanding.  Be a calm place in this wild month and while the world goes a bit crazy you can watch, ponder, and learn.