Feng Shui This | Putting Back Some Seed

There’s Heaven Luck, Earth Luck, and Man Luck.   Heaven Luck is what we land on the planet with…including our location.  Earth Luck is what that location offers us as far as Feng Shui.  And, Man Luck is what we do with what we have.
Save Back Some Seed

                           Save Some Seed

“Don’t forget to put back some seed, honey.”
Granny Hendricks
Back when my grandmother was alive, she would remind us often to “put back some seed”.  I always thought it was because she was cheap and didn’t want to spend good money buying seed for the spring garden when all she had to do was save some out of this years crop.  But, it was so much more than that.  Granny was using “Man Luck”.
A farmer has to have seed if he expects to plant a crop. Years ago you couldn’t go to the local Walmart and buy garden seeds.  You had to harvest  your own, or trade a neighbor for them.  Granny would pick a plant that had the best qualities for next year’s crop.  She’d dry the seeds carefully, even remembering to put them in the freezer for a bit to simulate an outdoor winter.  Her gardens were prolific, and beautiful.
Failing to save some seed; not keeping something in reserve, will bring a farmer and his family to ruin.   No matter how hard you work, if you fail to plan for the future, you will not thrive, and it’s very likely that you will fail miserably.
This is Man Luck.  Hard work, good planning, and being alert to circumstances.
Our government could learn a lot from Granny.  Instead of spending all we have and more, we need to “put back some seed” for the future of the nation; pay down our enormous debt, invest in this country, and bring the USA back to being productive.
Does this mean we can’t give to others?  Of course not.  But remember the pre-flight lectures we all get when we fly?
“In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, the oxygen masks will drop down.  Put the oxygen mask on  yourself first, before putting it on those under your care.”
It’s time to step back and put the oxygen mask on those who are tasked with the care of others.  This country is getting weak, and being drained further by debt and yes—bad leadership.   It’s time to rebuild our resources, strengthen our core, and get ourselves in better shape.  The world needs a strong USA, and we won’t get stronger if we stay on the current path.
This is also known as, “Economics 101”.