Feng Shui This | Feng Shui or Destiny?

I had been studying Feng Shui for many years when we bought our current house, so I picked one that was darn near guaranteed to be a winner.  It’s what’s called a “Three Parent House” — said to be lucky in all periods, so I expected my career to pick up substantially.

It was late fall of 2007 when we moved in and as I had expected, things were a bit slow at first.  Then in February of 2008 business really picked up.  I stayed busy until the following February.  About then, just as the city started digging up an intersection behind our house, business stopped.  Since the digging that year was in an area that should not be disturbed, I waited for them to finish, expecting business to pick up when the work was completed.  It too them nearly a year.  But, even after that, business continued to be extremely slow, and has not yet come close to 2008 strength.

In 2010, I went to Toronto for a new class and found out why.   The hexagram of door and sitting are holding down the money.  What does that mean?  Well for me, it means that the cure to release the hidden money would harm my husband.  I decided to keep the husband happy and healthy by finding an alternative.

We built a nice little home office in the back yard for me to work in, with great Feng Shui.   Now money does manage to show up occasionally.  😉

But the house still has the problem. And, it still has an effect on our ability to make and retain money.

Adding to this, my 4 Pillars (destiny) chart has wealth clashed during this 10 year cycle, so destiny seems to have helped me pick a house to  match.  Thankfully, the clash lasts just one more year, then things should improve substantially.

All three kinds of luck come into play here.  Heaven luck, Earth Luck, and Man Luck. Heaven luck is my personal astrology chart.  Earth luck is the Feng Shui of my house and Man luck is the effort to build a new office and make the best of what I have.

One step forward, two steps back. The Feng Shui is good, then bad, and then finally understood.  There are times when I feel a bit like Sisyphus—Zeus became angry with him for boasting that he was more clever than Zeus, so he punished him by giving him a rock to push up a hill until just before it reached the top, the rock rolls back. Sisyphus always manages to get that rock almost to the top, just to see it roll back down.  Some would say that Sisyphus is involved in a futile exercise. Maybe not though.

The way I look at it, the whole story isn’t told.  Newton said, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”   If we’re going to assume Zeus and Sisyphus exist, we will also have to assume that they are included in the laws of physics.

There are two possibilities.  Either Sisyphus has become more and more miserable— resenting and fighting his destiny, or he has truly become more clever than Zeus, and found that happiness comes from within.  If he sees his job as taking the rock over the top of the hill he’ll be miserable.  If instead he sees his task as taking the rock up the hill just until it can roll back down, he can consider it a job well done every time. Could it be that Sisyphus has learned to be humble?  He has surely gained physical strength.   Maybe he also learned patience.  With all that time to think, is it possible that he found happiness within himself?  Maybe in time Zeus will consider the lesson learned and turn him loose?

That’s the secret of man luck.  We all have the ability to find happiness.  And, if we can’t find it in the outer world, we must find it within ourselves, and wait for the outer world to catch up.