Feng Shui This | Profiling Rednecks

toronto reading
Going to Toronto
September 24th I was happy to be headed to Toronto for a dinner in honor of Malgorzata’s visit to Canada.  Master Yu and Teresa hosted a wonderful dinner, complete with fresh Alaskan King Crab. The perfect high note to a pretty eventful day.
The IChing reading was done by me to help me decide whether I should make the trip. After a pretty stressful week with family I just didn’t know if I was up to it. I had been accused of things I didn’t do, had my words taken out of context, and generally judged to be lacking in many ways.  And, that’s just my family.  ha
So, when things started piling up and appearing grim, I did an IChing reading.
Now, the Wen Wang Gua method is different than the text type.  In Wen Wang Gua readings, you look at each line (yao) and determine how it interacts with the hour, day and month…as well as how it interacts with other yaos in the hexagram.
In this reading the only moving line is yao 6.  This place represents the “water mouth”.  This can mean true water, or a convergence of energies like roads, etc. Or apparently, a border crossing.
Sure enough…at the border crossing there was trouble.
What kind of trouble?  Well, Yao 6 is metal,moving to control wood…Officer Ghost in the present hexagram.  The Officer Ghost line represents governments…etc.
Under that Ghost line is fire.  The fire is a Parents line and is draining the Officer/Ghost.  Maybe it’s making them a bit “touchy” at the border??
The subject (me) is strong at the day.  It will be a problem, but not one that can’t be overcome.  Without this last detail, I would have not finished my trip.
So, What Happened?
I was pulled over and searched at the border going into Canada. This is the third time they’ve picked me out of the crowd on my way to Toronto, so I was beginning to wonder what’s wrong.  This time after they asked me to pull over to check the bottle of wine I had declared…(an important point) they asked more questions, including if I was carrying pepper spray.  I said, “Yes”.  I had left Kentucky at 4 AM and driven through some pretty rough towns on my way there. I don’t think it’s safe for a lone woman to travel that far without something for protection.  They let me know it’s illegal in Canada.
Funny, but it is allowed if it’s marked for bears.    Kinda dumb, but there you go. Apparently Canada doesn’t want their women to be able to protect themselves in a non-lethal manner.  The hawk-billed knife I had with me was fine. Problem is, you have to have time to open a knife and then get close enough to use it.  Not a safe alternative to pepper spray.
Anyway, I handed over the pepper spray and then things got ugly.  They searched my bags, my purse, my truck and my cooler…climbed up in the bed of my truck and searched the box of trash I keep in there…(when I’m out mending fences I toss my water bottles in the box to keep them from blowing out of the truck)…kicked the wheel covers…opened the hood, searched the engine and looked under the carriage. They tore apart my suitcase, checked my prescription medications (to the point of asking me what they were for and if I really needed them) and made sure my underwear was proper for Canada, I suppose.   Of course, they found nothing new.  I had declared everything!
Then they threatened impounding my truck over that “illegal” pepper spray that was meant to “subdue humans”, telling me it would cost me $500 to get my truck back. They then left me sitting on a bench outside, sobbing.  Remember, it had already been a very rough week and I’d been driving over 9 hours.
After all this, they declared me safe for Canada…and told me to enjoy my stay in Toronto. How nice.  I almost went home right then.  But, I continued on to Toronto.
Well, I went to the dinner and despite being upset, had a very nice meal and visit with my friends.  The dinner was fantastic. And, afterwards some of us gathered in the hotel lobby to chat.
Next day I headed home, still wondering if I was on some sort of terrorist list or something.  After all, I’m a 60 year old grandma who has had an FBI background check for a CCW permit.  Border patrol has all that information.  What is their reasoning for putting me through such a search and threatening my truck?  I have no criminal record! I’m married to a US Veteran, I’m a former police officer, heck, I might as well have an FBI seal of approval on my f****** forehead!
So, I stopped at the border and asked one of OUR border agents what was up with all this.
He said it’s because I am from “one of the southern states where guns are commonly owned”, and I have a CCW permit. He also said it didn’t help that I was driving an obvious farm truck that just screamed “redneck” to the liberal Canadians.  Son of a gun…I’d been profiled.
Does the Canadian border patrol think I’m likely to be a criminal because I support and use the Second Amendment, and because I legally own and carry a weapon in Kentucky?  So, being an American Citizen…and exercising my LEGAL right to own and carry a weapon, makes me a potential criminal in the eyes of Canada???
I don’t think so.  They knew I didn’t pose a threat to Canada.  They realized I was not likely to have a gun or WMD hidden away in my truck.
Liberalism in the US and Canada is the same.  They think they’re better than the rest of us.  And, to them, the end justifies the means.  Anything you have to do to make the liberal point is fine with them.
They made their point.  They don’t like people who have more rights than they do!
They think my rights as a US citizen are worthy of being trashed by Canada. How nice.  If they are capable of harassing me … are they capable of planting something in my truck to make me look guilty? I don’t know, but they’ll never have a chance to mess with my truck again.    That really was the last straw.
Raising the hood and poking around inside my truck engine…way out of line. Especially after they had studied my “non-criminal record” and seen the results of my FBI background check.  They knew better.
I wonder if they profile young Arabic/Middle Eastern men as well?