Feng Shui This | Killing Bruce Jenner

What’s 4 Pillars Astrology got to say about Bruce?
Seems we can’t turn around anymore without being face to face with Bruce Jenner’s amazing makeover. The question has been asked…”What about his 4 Pillars Astrology chart?  Does it show he was born a girl in a boy’s body?”

The simple truth is that it does not show him being born a girl in a boy’s body.  It does show that he can easily be dominated by women, and terribly confused.  He just doesn’t know what’s true and what’s not.

His Daymaster (self) is generated by Resource, but too much Resource can become overpowering,   Right now, he’s in a 10 year cycle of Wu Chen, strong earth, and it’s become a burden, giving Bruce the need to either use it, or be swallowed up by it.

When he had lots of Output in his chart (Ren Zi in 1972 in the Ren Shen 10 year cycle) he was able to channel Resource through his Daymaster to Output. Now there is only a tiny bit of Output left in his birth chart, and no extra in this or last year’s yearly energies.

The other notable problem in Bruce’s chart is the lack of Power.  There’s only a tiny bit of fire in his month branch to ease the tension between the abundant wood and earth.  Does this show tension between the male and female?   He enters into a new luck period in 2016, Ding Mao, Yin Fire and Yin Wood.  The touch of Fire may bring him a little more power, but will it help him?

Last year, 2014, the Horse brought both Wealth, and Power to Bruce.  The Wealth in Jia Wood was transferred via the Yearly Horse, Wu Fire, to generate even more Resource, completely smothering his true self.

Bruce Jenner has decided to join the other team.  Bruce is giving up, giving in, and destroying himself In his search for relief.  Instead of producing gold medals, he decides to change his body into what should be his opposite. He has decided he wants to be like those whose energy is the most familiar; the Resource that has generated, covered, smothered and controlled him all these years, has finally taken over.
Bruce Jenner wants to be a girl.

But, will surgery make him a woman?  Not in my opinion, it doesn’t.  His DNA has not changed, and it won’t change, no matter how many “adjustments” they make to his body.  Neither has his birth chart.  He was born a male, and that will not change.
What would have happened if Bruce had decided to raise his testosterone levels?  We’ll never know. But it would have certainly made more sense to start working with the male equipment he has, than to build a fake female from scratch.  No matter how feminine the man looks, he’s still a man.

Suicide rates are extremely high for people who have sex change surgery.  And, there are many surgeons “reversing” the procedure, so apparently it’s a money-maker no matter what direction they go.
I hope he finds happiness, but the odds are against it and I find it all terribly sad.
Graphic produced by Danny Van den Berg’s “Four Pillars and Feng Shui” program.