Feng Shui This | Mr. Fabulous Predicts


Mr. Fabulous says it’s going to be cooler than normal all summer for Kentucky.  So far, it hit 53° in June…wow.     That’s pretty darn cold for June in Kentucky.  But, it’s great!  Grass is green, gardens are growing, and it’s too cold for the mosquitoes to be active!  Yay!     Mr. Fabulous hates mosquitoes.

Our June energies switch over on the 6th, so lets check out who’s showing up as a monthly star.

Be careful in the south…the 5 monthly can cause trouble.  Avoid digging and if you have a bedroom there, keep careful check on your mouth. It’s arriving to connect with the 7 annual, and the 7 deals with mouth issues.  If you have a tendency to “run your mouth” try to keep it in check this month at least.

The southwest could have fire or burn issues.  Watch out if your kitchen is there!

Don’t pay any bills while sitting in the west!  The 5-3 combo can cause money problems!

Take your bills and checkbook to the north, where the 6 (good for business) joins the 8 (the guy in charge)!

And, if your bedroom is in the SE, you should have a calabash there all year long. The 9 coming in June will make that 2 annual star even more likely to cause sickness.

For more details, get your chart done by a professional.  It pays to know what (or who) you’re dealing with.

And, be sure to get outside and enjoy this beautiful summer!  Mr. Fabulous will be having a great time in Kentucky!