Know Your Stars | #8 Youngest Son


Conservative, watchman, angel of wealth and happiness

The Watchman–Youngest Son


We’re in the 8th period and the 8 is ruling.  This means that the Youngest Son is “in charge” of the rest of the family.  He’s the ruler, so if he is well supported he helps them to remember their good sides, and watches for bad behavior.  He stops things from growing, and blocks the way.

The  Youngest Son is also considered the “Angel of Wealth and Happiness”, so tapping into this energy can boost us in many ways.  Keeping the 8 mountain star supported will be good for our health…and keeping the 8 water star roaming through the chart will keep the others in line, while bringing us wealth and happiness.

If he is not supported, and/or attacked, he can be harmful to children, using that “stopping and blocking” trait to hurt them.  Powerful indeed.

Know Your Stars | #7 Youngest Daughter

Youngest Daughter

Youngest Daughter


The youngest daughter always seems to be singing, yelling or making impromptu speeches.  She’s pretty “mouthy”.  The 7 star is ideal for entertainment.  If she starts running with the wrong crowd though, she could pick up some bad habits…as well as some things that don’t belong to her.  She’s also good at smashing things…so let her sing.  It will keep her out of trouble.