Know Your Stars | #6 Father



The #6 star is a military man, known as the “Angel of Gallantry”, he carries great authority, dignity and fame.  Father of the rest, he runs a tight ship.  His smile hides a solemn side.  The #6 can let his burdens become too great and become depressed when he isn’t well supported.  Use him for leadership, fatherhood, and military endeavors.  He can also be great for government leaders.   Watch for depression and headaches when he’s under attack.

Know Your Stars | #4 Wife of Eldest Son

#4 Wife of Eldest Son

#4 Wife of Eldest Son

This gal is all about the art of living.  On a good day she’s pursuing artistic work…writing, painting, dancing.  On a bad day she’s stealing the man from any woman who doesn’t recognize her ability to do so.

If she’s at your door beware!  Use her energy to write, create artwork, or even just to be beautiful and sexy.    Ignore her and she’ll take what you thought would be yours forever.  Your call!

Know Your Stars | #3 Eldest Son

Yes, here he is…the Eldest Son…heir to the kingdom!  He’s a great adventurer, loves building new businesses and wants to change the world.  Because he’s so aggressive, he can trigger lawsuits as well as robberies.  But, if you stay on his good side, he’ll help you sell your product and build your business.  Giving him an outlet with fire can send that salesman to work!  If  your 3 meets an 8 it can be very hard on children, add some fire though and the 8 will blossom.  You just need to bridge the energies.

#3 Star --- Eldest Son

#3 Star — Eldest Son