Know Your Stars | #2 Mother

So, how’s your relationship with your mother?  Was she the one you went to when you were sick?  The happy #2 is a born mother, a nurturing spirit.

#2 Healing Mother

#2 Healing Mother

Or, were you one of those unlucky souls whose mother seemed to have been sent from outer darkness to cause you trouble?   The irritated #2 star can be a difficult star to get along with, and often brings sickness, so we want to make sure she’s happy.  Give  her a calabash to show you respect the healing qualities of her personality.  Give her the sound of metal, representing children around her.  And, put a little bank on the #2, so she can help you save money.

2 sickness star,

#2 Angry Mother

You don’t want this one to feel a lack of attention.  And, you really don’t want her irritated!  This year the #2 is in the Southeast.  Treat her well.






Know Your Stars | #1 Star-Middle Son

The Middle Son 1, represents water.   This guy loves to travel!   He’s a fortune hunter, flowing like water to every nook, cranny, every crack and every crevice!  Middle Son will help you move along whether you’re ready or not!  He doesn’t really care…just so you move!  He brings water with him.  Water for him can be your ears, your bladder and blood.  Blocking the flow may bring you trouble with those.

Moving things along is in his nature.


Water Boy

Water Boy

He is generated by metal, blocked by earth, put to use by wood, and enlivened by fire.   He’s married to his opposite…a firecracker of a lass, the 9.

Remember the old saying, “still water runs deep”?    Probe the depths of this star and you will indeed be taught.

Learning to get along with the Middle Son will bring us wisdom, travel, fame and fortune.

Cross him and you may suffer divorce, accidents or sickness.

Mr. Fabulous Predicts | Year of the Goat



Don’t worry folks.  I’m not giving up my position as guest blogger.  I’ll just be walking you through the Year of the Goat.  It’s good to be able to rest now and hand over the reins of the year to someone else.   You may be tempted to sit back and relax after a horse year like the last one!  We had a great time, didn’t we?  Well, I did.   Now you have a Goat Year.  It’s not going to be quite as exciting, but don’t let your guard down.  There will still be floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires.  Life goes on after all.

This wood goat can be easy to get along with.  But you have to watch him!    He’s been known to lead lambs to slaughter.

Even God has something to say about the goat.    Matthew 25:32-33  “And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:    And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.”

Why would God cast the goat in such a negative light?   I would say it’s because goats are headstrong and determined to have their own way.  They’re harder to herd than sheep and never content with obeying the rules.    And, goats made an excellent example for this scripture because they have been used in slaughterhouses for thousands of years.  Sheep will leave their shepherd and follow the goat to their own slaughter.

Is that what we can expect for the Year of the Goat?  Will things calm down, lulling the world into a false sense of security?   Will the goats of this world lead the sheep astray?   Indeed, goats can be used to lead the lambs to slaughter, but if we pay attention to what’s going on and do what we know is honorable and correct, we can stay alert and aware…carefully enjoying the peaceful energy, while never forgetting how quickly life can change.

Yin Wood “Yi” is poking at the “Wei” Earth…what will be the result?  Will it be a gentle new growth?  Or a violent reaction?  As we go though the year, we’ll look at how each month interacts with the goat.   In the meantime, don’t turn your back on the goat.  You might end up flat on your face.