Know Your Stars | Living With An Emperor

Tianqi Emperor

Tianqi Emperor


Flying Star Feng Shui introduces us to nine separate energies that inhabit our homes and offices.  One of those nine is known as the 5 Emperor.

The Emperor above is obviously well cared for and seems to be happy enough.  But, things can get tricky when he is disturbed.

If he’s happy, he may bring you money and power, or he may just peacefully sit there and watch your world.  If he’s angry he can cause disaster.   I like to compare him to a cranky old man.  If he’s given what he likes…golden yellows, peace and respect….he’s good to have on your side.  His energy is that of golden earth, rich and strong.    His personality is that of an Emperor.  Those he loves, he’s generous with.  Those who cross him can be in danger.

So, how to we deal with this fellow?  Well, first we have to find him.    That’s where the Flying Star chart comes in.  By using the year your house was built, and the direction it faces (down to the degree), we build a chart that shows us where all the stars are located, including the Emperor.  Then we make sure the area is comfortable, quiet and not likely to be disturbed.

It’s important to decorate this area accordingly.  This isn’t a place for decorative bamboo.  Bamboo on the Emperor energy is like bringing a stick to poke him with.  You’ll just make him mad, and we don’t want that!

A beautiful chiming clock will bring the sound of metal, calming the frayed nerves of “cranky old men”.   Bring him beautiful sunflowers or golden tulips and paint the wall a golden yellow to make it fit for an Emperor.   It’s much easier to please an Emperor than it is to recover from his wrath.



Mr. Fabulous Predicts | Ox Month

In order to share the glory of being a guest blogger, our latest  “Mr. Fabulous” has kindly agreed to give his opinion on the upcoming Ox Month.—–


Welcome, Mr. Fabulous!—-

Sure...I'll tell ya.


“I have to say that compared to the quick, gorgeous horse that I am…the Ox is a slow, plodding, cloven-hoofed boob.   But, sometimes we need those, so I really don’t mean to be unkind.  I like the Ox well enough…he’s not a friend of mine, but I’ve watched him from a distance and he’s OK.  He slows things down when the time is right, and he’s always good to have around if you need your cart pulled out of a ditch or your garden plowed.   Treat him well and he’ll just keep on plowing.  But, there’s also the testy side of Ox.  He can take a lot of abuse, but if you poke him with a stick one too many times, you’re going to get stomped.  I like that in a bovine.

The Ox is often seen paired up with another Ox, pulling a plow or a wagon.  I bet you didn’t know that once you pair an Ox with another Ox, he becomes either a leftie or a rightie…he may refuse to work if he’s yoked to the opposite side.  Very simple fellow, the Ox.  If one of the team meets an early demise, the survivor won’t work well as a single, and may never accept working alone.  His partner will have to be replaced by another Ox that has been trained for the same side as the missing fellow.   Loyal, steadfast, and simple.   That’s the Ox.

There’s a little bit of fire in this Ox month, add that to the yearly Horse energy and we can expect flare-ups.  So, evil that has been put in motion will likely continue.  It won’t be as flashy as it has been lately, the Ox will tone down things a bit. But, expect things to be brewing where the Ox is plowing.  More secrets will be uncovered.

And remember, those who abuse the energy of the Ox will pay dearly.  He’s a lot like the elephant.  Ox has a very long memory.  He’s patient with mistakes, but does not suffer fools gladly.  Those who use his energy to steadily plow a straight line will find that the end of the Ox month they’ll be one more step closer to their goals.”