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Year of The Horse 2014

Year of The Horse 2014

I’ve decided to invite a guest blogger to share his opinions on the upcoming Pig month.  In this “Year of the Horse” it’s only fitting we give the horse a chance to share some of his wisdom.   Since this is a Feng Shui, Chinese astrology and IChing site, he’ll be doing some predicting of his own, with emphasis on what the energy of the year and month will mean to the world, and horses in particular. Since our “Horse Blogger” will be sharing the spotlight with other horses, we’ll just use a common name and call all our guest bloggers, “Mr. Fabulous”.

So, Mr. Fabulous, what do you have to say about the Pig Month?

What do you mean its a PIG month?

What do you mean start with a PIG month?

Ok, you want my predictions?  I’ll be glad to help.  But we’re not going to start with the PIG. He’s a disgusting, stinky creature, not known for his beauty, his loyalty, or his table manners. We’ll start where I want to start … with the energy of the year.  WOOD HORSE  

Since the horse is matched with the element of fire, being a noble and strong creature we are, we can expect the WOOD HORSE year to be hotter than ever.  Don’t let this confuse you! I’m not referring to the temperature of the earth.  This WOOD HORSE is hot headed.   I’ve noticed it in my pasture buddies.  We’ve broken a lot of fence planks this year.  Tossed many riders, and done our share of biting the hand that feeds us.

With all the water in the PIG, you may expect to see some of the fire in the year calm down. Don’t be too quick to relax, though.  It may seem that things are cooling some, but this HORSE YEAR also has wood…and all that water feeds the wood.  

More wood … hotter fire.  Expect stubborn horse energy with lots of “fire”.   We’ll be bossy, cranky, and hot-headed, especially in the PIG month.  If you give us an order, you’d better be willing and able to back it up … because we won’t believe  you if you don’t.

Once I know you mean business, I’ll be glad to work for you.  After all, I love my people and I especially love all the attention I get from them.   I just need to know  you’re in charge.   I am a great follower.  The horse is a herd animal, and our herd needs a leader.  If you’re up to the task, we’ll follow you anywhere. 

We are also considered “flight animals”, meaning we can turn on a dime and be gone before you know we’re leaving.  So, keep that in mind when you watch world events.   Energy such as WOOD HORSE must be dealt with by strong leaders, else we’re likely to burn the barn down while the world watches in stunned silence.