Feng Shui This | Helping Betsy Sleep

Did you know feng shui can have a profound effect on your sleep?   Have you ever suffered from insomnia?  Getting to sleep can seem like an impossible task when your mind is continually chattering in the background.  Feng Shui can make a big difference whether you sleep or don’t sleep at night.  Recently I was asked to Feng Shui a home for someone we’ll call “Betsy”.

Betsy has had trouble sleeping since moving into the 3 bedroom ranch.  It’s a beautiful house, and located in a very nice part of town.  But, Betsy wasn’t sleeping.  She thought she had tried everything.  Then a friend suggested she try Feng Shui.

After looking things over and getting her birth date to compare with the house, I saw exactly what was happening.  There is no good place for her to sleep in that house.  It’s totally unsuitable.  It was as if the energy of the walls was talking all night and keeping her awake.

Betsy was ready to try anything, so I told her where her best sleeping direction was located and how she should arrange her bed.  Now she’s sleeping in the dining room.  Of course this is not acceptable for most people, but she’s sleeping well and feeling great, so Betsy is happy.  She will be putting her house on the market soon, because it’s just not right to have to sleep in the dining room.  And, it’s terrible to have a house that doesn’t suit you, so she will most definitely be consulting her Feng Shui consultant before buying another one!

All in all, it’s been a remarkable experience for Betsy, and I’m thrilled that she’s so flexible.  Most clients wouldn’t have gone to such lengths, but that’s what happens when you just can’t sleep.  You reach the point where you truly will try anything.  I’m sure her next home will be perfect for her.

A Perfect House for Betsy Awaits

A Perfect House for Betsy Awaits

Feng Shui This | TC Hudhud

I did an IChing reading this morning on TC 3 (Tropical Cyclone 3)—headed toward India.









The question was, “India and Hudhud?”  I wanted to know if it would hit, where it would hit, and at what strength Hudhud would be when it hits.

Beginning hexagram is wind on marsh, moving to water on marsh.

Since Zi is also at the day, I would expect it to be grow today.

Moving OG is attacking Subject, and moving to overwhelm it with water, adding water to already wet land.

Saturday, October 11, is a Mao day, combining with Wei, I expect the eye of the storm to hit on that day.

The wind will be on land.

Moving line OG moves at the water mouth to become a Brothers line, feeding itself.  So, India will be impacted by winds and rain.


TC 3

Above is the direction and force expected earlier, when it was TC 3.


Here’s the revised prediction by the weather bureau, showing it getting stronger, but still in the same general direction.

predicted hit


I expect it to be south of their estimate.  I believe the most northern is the most likely spot for the eye to land.

At any rate, it will be a devastating storm, bringing heavy winds and flooding rains, with the rains beginning on the 9th, and a landing on the 11th.

We’ll check back next week and see how it all plays out.  God bless to those in the path of TC Hudhud. I’d be heading for high ground soon.


Their Landing Zone is trending south.

Their Landing Zone is trending south.