Feng Shui This | Year of the Wood Horse


Do you feel like you’re being run over by this “Year of the Wood Horse”?   You’re not alone.  This year has fire with extra wood for fuel.  It’s a very powerful and often dangerous mixture.  It’s been a difficult year for many people, and it looks to continue until February, when we move into a Goat year.

But, for now, can we keep this horse from overwhelming us?

First, lets stand back and look at the beauty of the horse.

bonnie 5

We have to realize that this horse will never be totally tamed.  It may be harnessed, but will it be harnessed for good or evil?  The fire will continue to be fed by the wood. It’s the nature of the beast. So, what do we do with this volatile, hot year of the horse?

First we must be wary.  The horse is a wild and dangerous animal.  They are flight animals, the wild animal in them is ready to flee or fight at a moment’s notice. Everything and everyone is seen as a threat.  Sometimes only a small threat, but still a threat.  So, we walk carefully.

We always let the horse know where we are, most especially if we’re behind him.  Sneaking up on this animal will get you kicked in the teeth.

But, at the same time, we have to establish a relationship that shows him that we are in charge. Horses are like children in many ways.  If they think they are in charge of everything, they are never relaxed, never happy.   After all, it’s a big responsibility to be in charge.  And, they know they’re not up to it.

They need a leader.  Right now, the world is lacking that leader.  So, what will happen next?  Lets pray that a leader will rise who is worthy of the position.  God knows we need one.