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Hello All!  It’s hurricane time again.  Lets see if we can figure out where this one is going.

National Hurricane Center image for Cristobal

National Hurricane Center image for Cristobal

The reading is below.

Question: TS Cristobal?  Hit the coast?  Where? Speed?


By the way…you can do this too with Master Yu’s Professional YiJing classes, and Danny Van de Bergh’s Four Pillars Astrology program.  Now lets see if I can figure out what the IChing is trying to tell us!


Hour: Bing Wu (Yang Fire Horse)

Day: Ding Mao (Yin Fire Rabbit)

Month: Ren Shen (Yang Water Monkey)

Year: Jia Wu (Yang Wood Horse)


Voids: Xu / Dog  Hai / Pig


_______  Off  Xu / Dog(*4)  *Az. Dragon*

_______  Wea  Shen / Monkey(4)  *Bl. Tortoise*

_______  Bro  Wu / Horse(7)  *Wh. Tiger*

___ ___  Bro  Wu / Horse(7)  *Fl. Snake*

_______  Off  Chen / Dragon(*4)  *Qi Lin*

___ ___  Par  Yin / Tiger(10)  *Cr. Bird


There are no moving lines.   NOAA is saying it will stay well off the coast.

Officer/Ghost is hiding under Yao 3, a Brothers line.  This means the Ghost will break out.  All of a sudden this storm will grow and become more formidable.

Subject is earth and Object is heaven.  Heaven is a Parents line, but it is totally vanished at the month, however it is strong at the day.  So, we can’t discount it totally, but I take this to mean the rain on land will be short lived…meaning islands only.   The Parents line is also clashed with the month.

From these things, I would say that the forecasters are correct.  The storm will not strike the east coast of the US.

It will head toward Jacksonville, Florida.  When it turns (far from there) it will most likely will cross over Bermuda.

I do not see this storm being a history maker.

Lets see what happens.

Feng Shui This | Retired Horses



Do you ever wonder what happens to race horses after they quit racing?  Not so long ago they were sent to slaughter.  That’s changing, but only in some places.  Sometimes they’re sometimes adopted out.

Most of the time they do not stay at the farm they’ve come to think of as their home.  Unless a horse becomes very famous, they face an uncertain future.   If you enjoy watching them run, betting on them, or even make money from them, please consider contributing to a rescue.  They’ve worked hard, it’s only right to say, “thank you”.

Retire That Horse!

Retire That Horse!

Old Horses

When I’ve done all I can do
and I’ve given you my best.
When my winning days are done
and you’ve put me out to rest.

Will I be safe and warm
when winds blow hard and cold?
Or will I stand in storms
when I am bent and old?

I’ll help you buy your home.
My ribbons will bring you fame.
You’ll brag on your fine horse
while betting on my name.

Will you remember this
when those great days are gone?
Or will you forget the horse
who ran for you alone?

                                                Monica Hess