Feng Shui This | Nest

I’ve been paying closer attention to nature lately.  And, it’s become obvious that the birds and the bees are influenced by the energy of the year.  In other words…they abide by the rules of feng shui.

Hard to believe, itsn’t it?

Check out this little “home sweet home”.

Birdhouse Gourd

Baby Birds in Birdhouse Gourd

Waiting for Mom to Arrive


See those sweet little faces looking out?  When I checked the feng shui of this nest I found that they had the perfect energy.   The 8 water star is at the door and the 8 mountain star is at the fence. Perfect for bringing exactly the right energy.

Other nests in the yard didn’t rate so high!  Two are completely empty, (their energy is dismal) and one has become a home for wasps.  Ewwww.  I checked the feng shui on the wasp home and it brings in the 6 water star and the 3 annual star.  The 6 is military and the 3 is aggressive behavior.

I’ll just be leaving that nest alone.

Next year I’ll pay closer attention to the stars and place my bird houses so the birds can have the best energy available!